How to Secure Your Home While You’re on Holiday

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How to Secure Your Home While You're on Holiday

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re away enjoying your holiday is your house that you just left. Did I correctly close the doors when we left? Did I let the garage open? What about my windows? Are they safely closed? You don’t want to be constantly thinking about this kind of stuff when you’re supposed to have a good time with your family while away. Here are some easy tips to simply secure your home/property while you’re away on vacation.

Get a home surveillance system

You can either choose to instal your own DIY security camera system or you can simply ask a professional provider like Protect America to take care of everything. You’ll be 100% sure that the security of your house is in good hands. With a monitoring system, you also be able to watch what’s currently happening in your property while you’re away. Imagine you’re waiting for a package delivery for example, well with a smart doorbell and lock you can simply open to the delivery man directly through your smartphone.
How to secure your home while you're on holiday - surveillance system

Give a spare key to one of your friend or family member

It’s always good to have someone you know well to have a spare key of your home. You never know what could happen while you’re away and having someone you trust with your key that you can call if whatever happens is priceless. Don’t forget to compensate them for their time and help. You could bring them something from your holidays as a present or offer them a good meal when you’re back.

Make it less obvious that you’re not home

A malicious person that is looking to break in your property will first ensure that nobody is present. Try to install some light triggers in order to have your house enlighten when it’s dark. Ask a trusted neighbor to stop by your house while you’re gone to bring in the mail or if you don’t have any solution just ask your newspaper service to stop your deliveries.

Keep valuables away from windows

Don’t put your valuables just behind your windows. A burglar would be more tempted to break in if he/she sees some interesting items through the window.  If you have a safe, use it and put the most valuables items you have in it. Don’t forget to have this safe bolted to the floor. If you don’t have anything that can be used as a sage, try to hide them in places a burglar is less likely to look (Freezer, medicine box, plants…).

These are simple tips to secure your home and you can easily do and that will make a big difference when you’ll be away. Your house will be safer and burglars would be less tempted to break in while you’re enjoying your holiday with your family.

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