How to make pallet garden chair

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Furniture made from pallets becomes more and more popular every day and you can literally make any piece of furniture out of pallets. There are various reasons why pallet furniture is so popular and first reason is probably because it is cheap, the second reason is repurposing old materials and the third, and most important if you ask us, is because everybody can make it without any professional knowledge about woodworking.
Pallet garden chair

In one of our previous articles, Bench made out of wood pallets, we showed you how to make a beautiful bench from an old pallet and in this article we will show you how to transform your old pallet into a fantastic pallet garden chair. The chair on the picture isn’t painted because we wanted you to see that the chair is really made out of an old pallet.

In order to make this great chair you will need one whole pallet and half of the other pallet, jigsaw, drill/driver, sander, crowbar, few nuts and bolts and some wood screws.

Pallet garden chair - screws

Use the jisgsaw or hand saw to cut the first pallet in half by length and then cut off 1/3 of the remaining part and remove all but three planks. You can make a little cut on the back legs like we did, but this is only a visual detail, you can leave it as it is also. You must end up with the part like in the picture below on the left. Half of the second pallet cut in half and remove all but two planks. You must end up with the part like in the picture below on the right. Use the remaining part of the pallets to make the side panels like in the picture below. Front legs must be around 16 inches and back legs must be around 26 inches. It all depends of the type of the pallet you are using and how tall you want your chair to be.

Pallet garden chair - pieces

Drill the holes and use M6 85mm screws to attach the side panels. The side panels are in fact the frame of the chair so make sure that you use proper screws and be sure to use two screws on every leg like in the picture below.

pallet garden chair - side

The chair after assembly looks like in the picture below. You can see that the construction is really simple and you don’t need any prior woodworking experience to make this chair.

pallet garden chair - finished

After a little sanding and some primer paint the chair is ready for usage in the garden or in your living room.

pallet garden chair - indoor

You probably noticed that we didn’t put any finishing paint on the chair and that is because we wanted to show you that this pallet garden chair is really made out of an old pallet. You can always paint it in any colour of your choice.

This is probably one of the easiest DIY pallet projects with fantastic end result and we encourage everybody to give it a try. If you have some experience in woodworking and some spare time then check out our articles on How to make your own garden table and How to make a garden chair.

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