How to assemble IKEA flat pack furniture with a breeze

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As a brand, IKEA has always made a case that it is actually quite easy to assemble furniture designed by, what we guess are some genius flat-pack engineering masterminds. But if you have ever been in possession of one of their, let’s say, signature POANG chairs, then you’d know that it takes more than just a glance at the instructions to build a functional seat out of some weirdly shaped pieces of wood.

two girls assembling IKEA furniture

So, the next time you find yourself in front of another tightly packed tongue-twisting and mind-bending Swedish piece of furniture from the future, just follow the handyman tips we have listed below and you will show that torture box who wears the pants around the house.

Choose a workplace

Don’t reach for your utility knife just yet, the time to dissect packaging comes later. First, make sure you have enough room to work in. Keep in mind that once assembled, the item you are about to build might be larger than expected and uncomfortable to carry around. This said, consider working in the very room where it will be positioned. Otherwise, you can work in your garage, basement or even your backyard.

Call a friend (optional)

“Building flat pack furniture can be fun, especially in the right company. So ask somebody to assist you. They can hold down larger or unstable parts and navigate you while you put in the elbow grease. And who knows, the one who comes to your aid might be able to crack the code and decipher the flat-pack assembly instructions.”
– Tim H. Griffin flat pack assembler at Best Move.

screwdriver and flat pack furniture

Time to gear up

It would be best to dress comfortably to move around, kneel, crawl, and take unimaginable awkward positions that will make your bones and joints creak with complaint. Basically, clothes you would put on for a game of Twister.What about furniture assembly hardware? Actually, most boxes from IKEA will have a screwdriver or an Allen wrench inside. This is usually enough to complete the assembly. However, some products might require the use of a hammer, pliers or even a power drill. “Cross-head screwdrivers are not out of the questions and a rubber mallet is just the right thing to flatten some wooden dowels.” Dmtry A.Kara / The Fantastic Flatpack Assemblers.

Unboxing and summary check

If possible, open the box without using a knife or scissors. And if you have to use something sharp, make sure not to scratch anything on the inside. Anyway, your first priority is to get your hands on that elusive instruction manual. Its first page should contain a list of all the bits and parts that are supposed to be in the box so run a quick inventory check and make sure that everything is accounted for.

Uh-oh, something is missing

If it turns out that some crucial component of the furniture is missing (or damaged), then you have the following options to get your IKEA replacement parts:

Go back to the store and visit the “missing a part” section. Yes, they have an entire section just for IKEA missing fittings.

Call them or use this online form, and request to have the missing flat pack furniture fixings or parts delivered to you.

How to put together furniture that will serve you well

One of the good things about IKEA instructions is that they always showcase the furniture from the same angle. So the best thing you can do is to arrange the to-be-assembled parts in a similar fashion in front of you. This way you will have a better idea on how to begin the building process and small details such as the pre-drilled holes on some of the part won’t escape your attention.

“Another good idea is to divide the parts into their respective logical groups, for instance: legs, boards, side units, doors and so on.” Haris / Home Decor Expert.

Now that you have all parts and tools at hand, you can begin the flat pack furniture assembly process. Simply follow the instructions carefully and avoid resorting to any guesswork. Usually, the biggest mistake done by first-time IKEA buyers is using the wrong fixings. Just approach the assembly steps methodically and soon you will be able to enjoy your new furniture!

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