Cut down on food expenses with greenhouse

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The cost of living is increasing all the time while income and raises for a job well done are far and few between. It is hard to get by on a meager salary these days which causes people to have to pick up additional side jobs just to make enough money to be able to feed their families. Because food costs are constantly on the rise and purchasing healthy foods are more expensive than buying a meal at a fast food restaurant, many are choosing to growing their own produce.

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This article will outline some benefits to owning a greenhouse so that you can cut down on food expenses and save some money in the process.

Plant what you will eat

Whether you are feeding yourself or a large family, it is important to only plant what you will eat. Start by growing from a seed which will cost you very little. For example, you can buy a packet of tomato seeds for a couple of dollars. This tomato plant will end up saving you vastly more than that over the period of its life. If you want to learn more about growing tomatoes check out our guide on how to grow perfect organic tomatoes. It is wasteful and unnecessary to plant an abundance of seeds if you know that you will not be able to eat all of the food. For example, if you hate green beans, it is best not to plant them. If you love broccoli and do not want to spend the money on buying it at the grocery store, plant yourself some. You will find that by planting what you like to eat, you will save a great deal of money on a monthly basis.

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Preserve what you grow

It is a good idea to preserve some of the produce that you grow either by canning or freezing your harvest. This is especially important if you know that you will want to enjoy certain fruits and vegetables that are not available throughout the year due to your climate. Think ahead and plan out what your family will want to eat at family functions and holiday dinners. You can save a great deal of money by preserving your produce so that you do not have to spend extra money on buying the items when they are not in season.


Instead of throwing your vegetables and other compostable trash away, begin a compost pile in the back corner of your yard. You will be able to save money on buying fertilizer as your compost pile can serve as natural fertilizer. In addition, you can save money on trash service and cut down on waste by having a compost pile. If you don’t know how to make compost you can check out our composting guide.

There are many benefits to harvesting your own produce other than just lowering your living expenses. While it may be expensive at first to invest in a greenhouse, you will be able to benefit from it’s perks for years to come. Also you’ll be sure that you and your family are consuming real organic vegetables from your own greenhouse. There are a variety of greenhouses that can fit your needs and budget. To get started, check out one of the top Greenhouse stores for helpful tips and information.

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