When is the best time to buy a fence?

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The most wonderful time of the year is here! A lot of people are shopping around for gifts for their loved ones during this winter holiday season. Don’t forget to also spoil yourself! If you are shopping around for a new fence for your house or property, WINTER SEASON IS THE BEST TIME TO BUY A NEW FENCE. Most of the people are waiting for the end of summer or spring season to buy a new fence, but buying vinyl fencing during winter offers a lot more benefits.

When is the best time to buy a fence

Let us tell you why it’s better to purchase a fence during winter season:


Most contractors and big box companies are busy during spring or summer. You might end up waiting for a while to get a scheduled appointment with your contractor for installation. You can beat the sales rush by purchasing a vinyl fence during the winter season. Spring or summer season is the best time to enjoy your fence! Winter season is the best time to purchase vinyl fencing.


Contractors are usually busy in the summer or spring and slower during winter. Meaning, most companies tend to have more surplus materials during winter so you can potentially get your vinyl fencing at a lower cost. Some companies also often offer discounts or a free upgrade to keep them busy during the winter season.


Most plants and landscapes go dormant in the colder months. Scheduling your new vinyl fence installation around winter would allow you to freely work around your property without damaging any of your landscapes or plants during its prime season. Around winter time too is the best time to rearrange or redesign. Your landscapes and plants would for sure be ready to thrive in the spring season! Do all the work during winter season and just relax during spring or summer!


Since landscapes and plants are mostly dormant during the winter season, your plants and trees are not really good protection and are not aesthetically pleasing for your property. Having a privacy fence around your property will help you be less exposed and no need to wait for spring to get a new one! Winter is a very festive season, don’t let your property look so bare with dormant plants around your property.

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This is probably the biggest benefit of all by installing a new fence during the winter season. Having the fence installation out of your way during winter would allow you to enjoy the outdoors and the warm temperature once spring or summer season comes. You could easily enjoy your new vinyl picket fence around your pool area, or enjoy peace in your backyard with your new privacy fence panel. Imagine that! For sure it seems so relaxing rather than you doing work during spring or summer season. Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to just sit back, relax and enjoy the sun.

Vinyl fences come in a wide range of types and styles that has advantages on both practical and aesthetic setting that matches your purpose.

You may want to consider installing VINYL FENCING. Vinyl fences are much easier to maintain and easier to clean than any other material. In fact, vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood fences. A vinyl fence typically is more expensive per linear foot, but labor and maintenance is relatively cheaper than any other materials. So, you still save money on total cost without sacrificing quality.

Let’s take a look at DuraMax Vinyl Fence. Duramax Fences have a combination of vinyl and raw PVC resin with a number of special additives that are USA made vinyl fence that includes:

  • The proprietary DuraResin™ vinyl formulation to aid the strength of fences to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide to make our fences susceptible to discoloration.
  • Highly-perfected UV inhibitors to prevent fading, chalking, and other damage from solar radiation.
  • Impact modifiers making the vinyl fencing more durable and resistant to damage.
  • Affordable vinyl fencing installation

Consider buying Duramax Vinyl Fence. It is made to be resistant to all types of elements and weather conditions which will provide years of cost savings.

Top Duramax Vinyl Fence Styles:


You would often see Vinyl Privacy Fence in people’s front yards or backyards. It offers complete privacy having no gaps between its pickets. A Privacy Fence Panel is designed to block all views, keeping your property private. Duramax Privacy Fences come in 5ft to 7ft high x 8ft wide in a wide variety of colors and textures

When is the best time to buy a fence - privacy fence

Check out our available sizes, styles and options here: https://duramaxfences.com/product-category/fencing/vinyl/privacy/


Vinyl Picket Fences or what Duramax refer to as Traditional Fences have a lot of designs you can choose from. It is available in spade vinyl picket fence, straight dog ear vinyl picket fence, scallop spade vinyl picket fences, and more. This is perfect for your backyard or front yard. Each comes in a distinct design with a unique clean look. Check out our available sizes and styles here: https://duramaxfences.com/product-category/fencing/vinyl/traditional/

When is the best time to buy a fence - picket fence

Many people don’t realize that installing fences during winter is the best time. Don’t schedule your construction project installing a vinyl fence in spring or summer time! Take that time to relax and enjoy a new fence instead that was installed during winter time.

When is the best time to buy a fence - nice fence

It is best to talk to a Fence Expert! Get to know more about vinyl fencing products – usa made vinyl fences and how to improve your home? Talk to a Fence Experts today at 844-636-8675 to get the best deals and the most experience for an affordable vinyl fencing installation.

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