7 Ways to Renovate Your House

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Tired of the way your home looks? You are not alone. Our mind can only take so much monotony. We get bored of seeing the same colors, same patterns, and the same items around us. Besides, a house can become less efficient and more problematic with time. If you feel the same about your home, it is a clear sign that your humble abode is in need of some serious renovation.

7 Ways to Renovate Your House

Renovation, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. You can change just a few things or everything around your home.  That doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the renovated space can satisfy your senses the way you imagined. Today, we are going to share with you seven secrets to renovate your house in the most impressive way possible. Let’s begin.

1.    One Room at a Time

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of every room in the house. Just breathe! And give some rest to your neurons, take one step at a time. Start with rooms that are most frequently used. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and the living area. You will be surprised by the difference a renovated kitchen and bathroom can make.

You can start with the cabinetry and tiling. You don’t necessarily have to replace everything. Sometimes a new paint or a vinyl sheet is all it takes to turn a room around. As for tiles, new grout can actually make your floor seem brand new — no need to change the tiles unless they are broken and beyond repair.

2.    Upcycle Wherever Possible

Upcycling can help you change the way your home looks without spending a lot of money. Look for items that aren’t frequently used around the house and use easy DIYs to turn them into something useful. A bit of paint and a little carpentry is all you need to change an entire item.

Even a simple layer of enough suffice if you wish to change the way one item looks. For instance, you can turn a boring brown chair into a bright and yellow one. From old books to used tires, you can use everything to create expensive-looking décor items for your home.

3.    Add Attractive Accents

Instead of changing the entire wall paint, try using an accent color to enhance the aesthetics of a room. Sometimes rooms look boring because there isn’t enough accentuation. Everything is monotonous, and it slowly starts to seem dull and unattractive. A narrow strip of a contrasting color is enough to lift the entire room up.

You can also add accents by throwing in bright colored cushions or hanging colorful curtains in the room. Colorful plants also serve as beautiful accents. One of our favorite ways to break the monotony of a room is to add a beautiful wallpaper on one of the walls.

4.    Take a Minimalistic Approach

Adding isn’t always the best way to renovate a room. Sometimes, subtracting works way better. Clutter can really kill the appeal of an entire room, and you’d be surprised by how different your room can look just by cleaning.

So, take a minimalistic approach and get rid of every item that isn’t exactly useful. Swap your bulky furniture with sleeker and modern designs. Clear unnecessary items from the wall, remove gaudy curtains and replace them with light and sheer ones. Limit the palette to two main colors and just one accent color used sparingly. This approach also helps you create an illusion of bigger space. So, it is best for smaller rooms with little natural lighting.

7 Ways to Renovate Your House - renovation

5.    Try Runners and Mats

When it comes to renovation, changing the flooring is one of the most expensive and time-consuming task. You don’t always have to go for new flooring. Sometimes you can renew the old one with a layer of paint, and sometimes you just need a new mat to create a difference.

Center mats and stair runners are amazing. They are pocket-friendly when compared to floor renovation, and they can keep your floor from further damage. Moreover, they are easier to clean. When choosing a mat, it is best to keep your accent color in mind. For smaller rooms, avoid busy prints. Solid colors that contrast with the floor look more appealing.

6.    Paint Doors and Windows

Paint the walls is what everyone will tell you when you plan to renovate your home. Painting your walls is a nice change, but you can create a bigger difference by painting doors and windows. It is also a great way to add accent to a room. You can choose a distinct and bright color for the doors and windows against neutral colored walls.

You can also remove all the decorative items from the wall and limit décor to doors and windows. Put some planters on the windows or hang photo frame on the door. It can add an aesthetic charm to the room without increasing clutter.

7.    Make Healthier Choices

Aesthetics shouldn’t be your only motivation to renovate your house. A renovation project should bring some practical value. One of the noblest reasons behind the renovation is environmental friendly and healthy changes. That is why recommended upcycling as it can limit the amount of waste involved in renovation.

Moreover, make sure you are using eco-friendly paints and organic pesticides during the renovation. You can easily find harmless and greener chemicals such as an organic bed bug spray to get rid of all the bugs and pests during the renovation. Also, you can replace your taps with eco-friendly, low wastage ones. Energy efficient light fixtures will allow you to save a lot on energy bills.


You don’t have to go for a complete renovation and change everything around your house. With the right approach, you can create a bigger difference with smaller changes. Just try to think practically. Make changes where necessary and avoid adding more items without removing almost the same number of items if not more. Focus on efficiency and always ensure that your renovated house is free of problems such as pests and mold.

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