Types of Pole Saws and Tips to Maintain Pole Saw

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A versatile tool like pole saw is a must-buy gardening tool for pruning your trees. Even if you’re not into landscaping profession, a pole saw will be an ideal tool for various applications when you own a lawn or big garden. Now, there are various types of pole saws that are available in the market which have their own pros and cons.

Types of Pole Saws and Tips to Maintain Pole Saw

Here we broadly discussing three types, thus go through the following and decide which one is best for you.

Battery-powered pole saw

As the name suggests, these pole saws have a portable battery which is fitted inside their setup. These batteries can be of different types delivering different range of power to the motor. The market is flooded with majorly two types of battery which are Ni-Cad and Lithium-ion. The lithium-ion batteries are known to last long more than the Ni-Cad batteries. The powerful motor installed in such pole slaw can make deep and powerful cuts in the hardest and the most stubborn branch of the trees. Different brands provide different chargers for the same.

Gas-powered pole saw

If you’re looking for a pole saw which is durable as well as portable, then go for the gas-powered one. When you are working with tough trees with tough spots to prune, the gas-powered one will help you deal with it. Despite being a bit heavy than other pole saws, these are still portable. The one con of using such saw is that the engine emits few fumes and the level of gas and oil must be checked from time to time under the constant usage.

Types of Pole Saws and Tips to Maintain Pole Saw - cutting

Electric pole saw

The electric pole saws are the best ones among the three. This is because there is no emission of gases, there is no hassle of charging the battery; all you have to do is plug in and use the pole saw. One can clearly see, that the only con of using such a pole saw is that there must always be a socket around. Therefore you can’t carry this pole saw for camping purposes. Now, there are pole saws which come with exceptional features like auto-oiling, mid-section motor, fiber-glass haft, etc. Make sure that while buying a pole saw you take into account all these factors and then go for the best pole saw for your lawn maneuvering.

Tips on how to maintain your pole saw

Besides humans, the machines also need conscious maintenance. The good maintenance increases the durability the product and helps it in working with full efficiency. When it comes down to pole saw, here we have prepared a list for you on how to maintain your best pole saw and keep it in the best state.

  • Whatever pole saw you’re using, whether a gas pole saw, an electric pole saw, or a battery powered pole saw, you must check all the nuts, bolts, and screws. Make them tight before using the saw.
  • One must clean the saw before and after the use. Cleaning of the saw before the use helps in looking over the chain and blades while the cleaning of saw after the use helps in increasing the durability of the saw.
  • If you’re using a telescopic pole saw then check for the extensions before putting it to use, in order to avoid any further inconvenience.
  • For an electric pole saw, check all the connections and the cables. Make sure that no wires are hanging loose to electrocute you. Repair such wires so that your pole saw might last long a bit longer.
  • If your pole saw is an auto-oiling one, then check for the level of oil and add if necessary.
  • The gas pole saw has an air filter which needs to be cleaned on regular basis. The regular cleaning of these filters definitely adds months to the life of the pole saws.
  • Replace all the worn-parts of your pole saw. In this you might not have to buy a new pole saw very frequently.
  • Check for the chain tensioning and keep in check whether the blades are still sharp enough.
  • You must also store your pole saw in a ventilated environment. This storage location must be dry and you must clean it because it may get dumped with the little leakage of the oil when not used regularly.

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