Why Tree Pruning is Important

There are many different schools of thought on the best way to perform a beneficial tree pruning. But, one fact remains true throughout it all. All trees of all types will benefit from a regular pruning for a few reasons.

Why Tree Pruning is Important

According to Mission tree pruning experts, regular pruning can benefit trees and shrubs in following ways:

– Encouraging growth

– Balancing the tree as a structure

– Improving tree health

– Preventing decay

But, these are just the general rules. According to a tree service in Evanston a timely pruning in the hands of a well-experienced master gardener can have a wide range of benefits that can affect the aesthetics and experience of your garden or orchard as a whole. Here are some of the more in-depth benefits you can expect from a proper tree pruning.

Some of the top reasons you need to prune your trees

Ensures tree health – pruning the trees keeps them healthy. When some of the branches become diseased, infected, or attacked by pests, the condition can quickly spread if it is not mended. Proper pruning also allows for a better circulation of sunlight and air, which also promotes the tree’s health. As the new branches are grown, they will be healthier and encourage balance in the tree’s structure.

Safety – dead branches become dry and brittle and break away easily in a brisk breeze or storm. When they fall, the damage to life and property can be severe. For this reason, proper pruning can prevent a wide range of risks.

Encourages abundant production – Fruit and blossoming trees and shrubs can be pruned to improve their bounty of produce. When three are fewer branches to produce fruit, the quantity will be less but in much higher value and quality. This can also be done with flowering plants to increase the quantity or quality of the blossoms.

Improved appearance – Regular pruning can do for your tree what a regular haircut can do for you and me. When a tree is unkempt and scraggly looking, it reduces the visual appeal of the entire property. A little trim here and there can significantly improve this look.

More sunlight – Is your tree covering your home or a large portion of your home? This shade can keep your home cool in the summer, but in the winter, it can make things unbearably cold. By clearing away some of the branches, your home can receive a better supply of warming sunlight.

Growth and Shape Control – If you would like to achieve a specific aesthetic to your trees and landscaping, pruning is the way to accomplish this. You can alter the way a tree grows and achieve a wide variety of effects. It’s not just the places that you trim, but the time of year and way that pruning is accomplished that leads to different effects.

Improves view and provides shade – Pruning and trimming can thicken or thin the shade and coverage provided from a tree. This can be important to get the best view and maximizing shade provided to specific areas.

What should be pruned?

Don’t just run out there swinging your chainsaw right and left. It is important to consider that pruning is essentially wounding the tree, and unless it is done properly can lead to an unhealthy tree.

Here are some pointers that can improve the efficacy of your pruning habits. Choosing what to trim depends on the effects you hope to achieve.

–  Trim away dead and decaying branches to keep the living tree from contracting anything unhealthy. 

–  Crossing branches – if you see branches are crossing, they will eventually rub against each other, deteriorating the bark and leading to infection and disease. Cut these portions back if you can. 

–  The canopy lift involves removing some of the lower branches to provide more sunlight. 

–  As the tree is growing, you can ensure a bountiful canopy by properly pruning your tree. This is a tricky job and best left to a professional.

Why Tree Pruning is Important - tree

When is the best time to prune a tree?

The best time for you to prune a tree in Evanston will be in the winter for several reasons. During the winter, the tree is not growing or active, but sleeping, this means the sap will not flow as profusely when trimmed. You will also ensure a better crop of produce from your tree if it has been pruned in the winter as it will have all summer to grow branches and perfect its crop. If you prune in the spring or summer, it will likely affect that year’s crop yield significantly. And, don’t trim in the fall because the tree will take longer to heal, and this can mean a higher risk of disease or fungal attacks.

Final Notes on the Importance of Proper Pruning

Proper pruning has a wide variety of advantages for the tree, but it must be done with care and proper planning to bring about the best results. If you have any questions about how to prune the trees in Illinois, contact your local arborist or tree service for more information.

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