Types of Decks: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

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Outdoor living spaces are as essential as the indoors. It’s become a trend among modern-day homeowners to expand their living spaces. Part of these expansions includes the outdoors, making way for more versatile areas like decks.

Types of Decks

Whether you only want a quiet place to read or a wide space to host parties, a deck might be what you need. Building one allows you to do all these things with ease. Plus, you get to improve the value of your property.

Why should you add a home deck?

There are plenty of practical reasons you should build a deck at home. First, a deck upgrades your property value. According to HGTV, adding a 16×20 feet deck to your home may cost you around $11,000. Yet, if you decide to resell your property, you can expect a 90 to 100% recoup rate for it. A deck is a perfect space for hosting parties for your friends and loved ones. It’s intimate yet open enough for them to breathe fresh air. Compared to party halls, decks are less claustrophobic. If there are spills or damages, they will be easier to handle. You can even add a portable bar and an outdoor grill to make it a real outdoor entertainment space.

Different Types of Outdoor Decks

You can do many things with a house deck. But before you decide to do a full-on deck overhaul, check these outdoor decks for inspiration.

Patio deck

Patios are larger than balconies. They are usually built for families to enjoy some outdoor dining and relaxation. You can install a roof over your patio deck. You can also leave it open to get that bigger space. These patios usually overlook the garden or yard. They are also slightly raised from the ground and could be an outdoor-indoor living space. You can convert them into an extra living space by opening the attached living room doors. Through this, people can socialize over dinner or barbecue.

Roof deck

Roof decks are ideal for houses with flat roofs. It can give you a better view than decks built on the ground level. Homeowners often elevate their roof decks, giving them more privacy. In most cases, architects add them to houses to improve urban dwelling spaces.

Attached deck

Attached decks are very much like patios. Yet, unlike the latter, designers use wood composite materials to make attached decks. They are also somewhat elevated. This deck is also often built around U-shaped and L-shaped houses.

Detached deck

As the name suggests, detached decks are the opposite of attached decks. You can place them anywhere you want. Yet, most house owners build these decks on areas easily accessed by steps or paths. It is a stand-alone structure, pretty much like a separated island. It is different from a concrete patio because you don’t have to place them on an even, smooth surface. You can set them even on areas with uneven or rough terrain.

Types of Decks - detached deck

Wraparound deck

This is like a wraparound porch, only that it’s larger, more room-like, and more uneven. Wraparound decks are usually elevated. The Japanese call it engawa. Wraparound decks allow homeowners to follow the shade or the sun. It can also help the homeowners extend their house’s living spaces. By doing this, they also allow better air circulation. Fresher air can flow through the house’s opened access doors.

Multi-level deck

A multi-level deck is usually the best way to use a large property’s shifting elevation and huge space. This showcases a series of decks built on different levels but connected by paths or steps. The property’s terrain is the deciding factor on what kind of multi-level deck you should set up. Rocky landscaping, slopes, and hilly areas might only accommodate raised wooden decks. If your home has challenging terrain and you want to use the extra space, you should build a wooden deck. This is a more workable and less expensive option than building a concrete patio.


Building a deck would need more planning than building a pool in your yard. It’s even more detailed than building a bathroom indoors. You will need to set a budget, select the right materials, and find a suitable space to attach or make it. After that, you also need to determine the design fit for your needs and lifestyle. The most challenging phase of deck building is the beginning. This is where the designing and planning stages take place. Sure, you want to build a deck. But you also have to choose if you wish to make a synthetic one or if you want a composite decking. You should also think of other factors like the deck size, its accessibility from your house, and if it will be a stand-alone.

Call the Experts In

To keep yourself from the burden of planning, designing, and building, leave the job of creating your home deck to the experts. You can seek professional advice from licensed and experienced deck builders. While doing this, you can still be hands-on with the project. You can talk to them and share your ideas. Most of them have work order software to help deliver orders seamlessly. With the professional Littleton deck builders working on your outdoor deck project, you’ll have peace of mind. They will deliver your deck and install them safely. You won’t have to worry about doing the project yourself.

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