Benefits of Using Composite Decking

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Composite decking is slowly gaining momentum today as there have been changes to both the look and the feel of the material. There was a time where customers didn’t fancy it as it didn’t give the wood experience. Today, though, those fears have been done away with. 

Benefits of Using Composite Decking

There are a lot more benefits of using composite decking than just the feel. The look and the feel, though, have made people fall in love with it. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when using composite decking

Eco Friendly

The world today is far looking into sustainability where everything is concerned. And composite decking offers you just that if you’re conscious about the environment. Most of the composite decking that you can find out there is made using 80% recycled material. This means that composite decking consists of 100% recycled wood and plastic materials. And that’s the core of the capped composites; that’s for most of the decking you can buy. That means that not a single tree is felled during the making of this decking. With the whole world looking to go green, it won’t hurt one bit going for the eco-friendly composite wood. 

Low Maintenance

The next benefit that composite decking offers you is its low maintenance. You don’t always want to be worrying about your deck after a while. With traditional wood, you have to worry about the cost of care every three years – complete maintenance. Then you have to ensure that you replace the deck every 10 – 15 years when you use traditional wood. But with composite decking less maintenance is required as you can easily wipe off some messes.  You can also just light wash with some of the composite deck spot treatments. As opposed to wood, you can have the composite decking on for years. You don’t need to change it after a while as you would with traditional lumber. Composite is more durable than the 10 -15 years that conventional wood would give you regarding your deck. 

High Value

You may look at composite decking in terms of expense when it comes to the first time of buying the deck. But it would help if you looked at it on a long-term basis. While it can be pretty expensive to get composite decking instead of wood, it takes less to maintain. You can do the math yourself; for example, you need to maintain wood often – every three years. You then have to change the wood after ten years. That is then coupled with a whole host of other expenses in between. When you use composite decking, you only need to install it once. You don’t have the regular costly maintenance. When you use composite, it will pay for itself in a few years, unlike the traditional wood

Doesn’t Sacrifice Performance

When you’re dealing with wood, you deal with a variety of hardness levels. And that means they respond quite differently to different environmental specifications. That means that when you use wood, you’ll have to compromise the one you want, depending on the environment. When you use the composite deck, you don’t have to compromise on anything. The deck doesn’t get affected by the weather or any other environmental changes. It also tends to offer a unique feel and a beautiful one as well. You don’t have to worry about the deck’s performance as you would when dealing with traditional wood. Meaning you can do a lot in terms of design when you use a composite deck. You can then let the uniqueness of your technique shine through the deck. 

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The composite deck provides you with a unique set of designs that you can use. As opposed to traditional wood, you don’t have to do much about polish. And it also provides you with the whole beauty setup of the traditional wood. Composite decks use different materials, and it gives a unique design. You can get one that offers different grain patterns and colors that capture a new sense of beauty. And that is backed up with no tear and wear too. When you find the right one, it has straight patterns, and it can also be one with cathedral patterns. And the dual-embossed wood grains and plastic make a unique and beautiful look. It can then give you variety when you give it the wood paint finish. 

Saves Time and Labor

Another aspect of composite decking that you need to look forward to is it saves time and labor. You don’t have to waste too much time on scrubbing – neither do you have to spend a lot on detergents. When you have wood – traditional wood, you have to deal with the cost of scrubbing. Some costly project returns have to be handled every other year when it comes to traditional wood. When you use composite decking, all you have to do is to maintain the wood, not much after. The detergents used to clean wood decks can be a bit expensive. You won’t even have to spend much time locating the right detergents to clean the deck. Some of the simple, clean applications for composite decks can be found where you get the deck from. It will save you a lot of time as you’ll know exactly where to go. 

No Painting

When you have traditional wood during the summers, you will spend a lot of time painting. But long gone are those days when you have composite lumber. You no longer have to pay for the summers painting the wood and so on. You can then enjoy the deck in the summer as you sit to enjoy the newspaper. Don’t even worry about your deck looking old due to the heavy sun rays that have hit it. Composite wood remains on point even after being hit by the intense summer sun rays. There are several benefits that you get when you use composite decks. It is easy to maintain, among other great benefits that will make you fall in love with it. These are some of the benefits you can look at when you opt to go for composite decks. 

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