Get to Know Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

These days, homeowners try to be in the loop on interior design trends, including interior wall paneling varying in color, design, and materials used. Gone are the days when wallpapers, paint, and tiles cladding dominate home interiors. Among the wall and ceiling panels sold in the market, Trusscore PVC Wall and Ceiling panels are now the most common material used by contractors and even homeowners trying to DIY their spaces.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Duramax Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels:

Sturdy & Durable. Duramax Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels are not brittle and have a lesser possibility of breaking during installation. Trusscore products can last for years without bending and warping. Apart from that, it is one of the lightest materials you can find in the market for your wall and ceiling. If you are into installing it yourself, you need not worry about transporting and handling them.

Easy & Clean Installation. If you are worried about accumulating dust while installing your wall or ceiling panels, our Trusscore PVC Wall and Ceiling panels are not your old panels: dusty and hassle to install. Its installation process is quick and does not need grouts. You can easily cut the panels to your desired size and stick them together using its binders.

Trusscore panels have interlocking sides making installation 4x faster than other materials. You can easily screw our Trusscore PVC panels directly to the studs. Installation is so easy! Check how easy it is to install Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Panels here:

Hygienic: Compared to other wall and ceiling panels, Duramax Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Panels are more hygienic. Materials made from Trusscore PVC — a material of choice by hospitals and healthcare facilities because it is easy to sanitize and doesn’t support bacterial growth.

You can check-out specific applications and case studies here at Duramax Vinyl Wall Panels.

Moist-resistant: Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are resistant to dampness and moisture. No wonder it is also used by a lot of our clients in their kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. Its surface has a polyurethane layer giving a smooth and clean finish to our product. It does not allow bacteria to grow on its surface, making it free from molds and mildew formation than any other wall and ceiling panels. These two materials form ugly yellow stains in them, making the wall look dirty. That is why they are not advisable for damp areas.

Easy Upkeep:  Trusscore wall and ceiling panels don’t require annual lacquering, painting, and varnishing as part of maintenance. All you need is to wipe the Trusscore panels with a damp cloth and allow them to dry to maintain their fresh and clean look. Amazing, indeed!

Environment-friendly: PVC materials are used in food and healthcare industries because they cause no harm to the environment. It is recyclable too! You can turn over old Trusscore PVC materials to a plastic recycling facility, and they’ll do the recycling for you.

Affordable: Trusscore PVC is a low-cost material, and almost half of the products made from said material are used mainly in building and construction. Prices of the PVC wall and ceiling panels might vary depending on your supplier, but it will always be the most inexpensive material you can get compared to other alternatives.

Trusscore PVC Panels can save you money compared if you were to use FRP. Learn more about it here:

Their team at Duramax is here to assist you with your Trusscore wall and ceiling panel needs. Visit our website and reach out to our agents. We can also provide you a sample and a quotation. Call us now at 323-612-1674!

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