How to use Festoon lighting to give your space a vintage industrial makeover?

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The vintage industrial makeover is now in trend, everyone is dreaming to transform their place, either their homes, cafes or workplaces. You can either work on your own place by buying lights from Festoon Lighting Sydney | Buy & Hire Festoon Lights.How to use Festoon lighting to give your space a vintage industrial makeover

Let’s take a glance at those unbelievable ideas by which we can achieve our goal of an industrial makeover.

A Barn Wood Chandelier

If you’re a chandelier lover, however, couldn’t afford the massive chandelier because of the little area or tight budget – then we have the right answer for you. Get a fine piece of barn wood (plank) and a get light-emitting diode festoon lights – Festoon Lighting Sydney! Paint the barn wood and drill some holes – looking at how many bulbs you would like to feature. Suspend the festoon string from the wood plank – keeping the wires on un-even lengths. And you’ve got your good vintage chandelier on an affordable budget.

Industrial Vanity Lights

Another simple, low cost and the funky vintage plan is to place the festoon lights during a birdcage. It’s amongst the trending design that is inspired by the traditional style lanterns. You can use any black colored or silver cages and wrap the Festoon lights around them you can also put some decoration piece in the cage.

The Jars of Lights

Who wouldn’t have mason jars? However, why are we thinking about a basic mason jar? Just because you can use these common jars to form a powerful, vintage industrial style by festoon lighting decor! Get a decent festoon light strand and obtain some mason jars in keeping with a variety of bulbs on the string, create a hole sufficiently big to suit the festoon bulbs and secure the jars. Then suspend this lighting decoration where you would like to. It’s non-expensive, fast and extremely easy.

Make your own Festoon string lights

Industrial vintage style can be made perfect by adding some festoon string lights to your place. It’s so simple to do so, you can take a rope or a string and attach your favorite festoon bulb to it. Festoon string lights are also available easily.

How to use Festoon lighting to give your space a vintage industrial makeover - string of lights

Industrial vintage Pipe light Wall Hanging

Is that vacant wall in your front appear bland? Then you need not be worried as we have the right decoration plan for you! By using the festoon light garland and a few industrial pipes (PVC) you can produce an astounding decoration is exactly 10-15 minutes. Paint the economic pipes and pass the festoon lights, and fix the pipes, within the same manner, you found the pipes within the industry. This decoration won’t solely give the right vintage industrial look to your area however conjointly the festoon lights can brighten it up.

Mosaic Industrial pendant

Another nice and creative way to use the festoon lights for a vintage area look is to form a mosaic wood plank pendant. Get some pinewood planks and paint them in several colors like red, grey, white, brown or stained white. Then wire the festoon light bulbs and fix the wood planks to each other in a mosaic manner. You can hand this piece of decoration on your dining table.

Use of Festoon Lightening in Industrial makeover

Vintage Industrial Makeover is the ‘dream’ for millions of people! The main reason why people are drooling over this vintage decor style is the affordability. Vintage Industrial Decor ideas are perfect for those who want to add an appealing & interesting look to their home without spending much! There are several inventive ways to transform your place into a vintage industrial look. One such incredible and cheapest means is to use the right lighting! Yes, you’re reading it correctly! Thus, during this article, we’ve shared a number of lighting ideas that will offer you the right ‘Vintage Industrial’ look.

Bring Some Festoon Lights And See The Magic! Do you know that the most affordable and easiest way to add the right vintage industrial look to your area is by using the ‘Festoon Lights’. You don’t have to be so surprised! With the proper set of furnishings, a couple of minor changes in the decor, and excellent festoon lighting style/decoration you’ll be able to give your place a complete makeover. Not sure if it’s possible? Then we have a tendency to share some plans to use those festoon lighting bulb strings and turning them into vintage or industrial vogue lighting? Now with no hesitation, without thinking of your budget you can easily transform your place into the modern style of a vintage industrial look. And for this purpose you don’t have to do anything crazy you can just buy some festoon lights and use the above ideas. Here you go! You have transformed your place according to your dreams.

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