How to Prepare Your Camper Van for a Long Trip

We all owe it to ourselves to take some vacation time and add some excitement to what may otherwise be high stress and repetitious lifestyle. And when you do have this time off, naturally, you want to make sure that you make the most of it. You may make your own leave plan for this purpose. This is when you should take some time to consider going on a long road trip in a camper van.

camper on the parking lot

So gather your close friends or family and start planning as we help you prepare for your extraordinary adventure together on the road.

Plan Out the Destinations

Yes, you want to go where the road takes you, but it also doesn’t hurt to have at least a vague plan of what direction you’re going in. It’s also important to know about the different stops along the way because this will help you calculate when you need to refuel and when you can rest safely and comfortably. You want to know where each town is, what it has to offer, where the safe campsites are and so on. Do get an actual map and highlight your route. You will still be using a GPS, but it’s always smart to have a backup plan- the physical map will help you more than you know, and it’ll be great memorabilia to keep afterward.

Get the Right Van for You

There are quite a few options for camper vans, so you want to get a comprehensive understanding of their quality and their features because you make any commitments. You can rent one out or buy one if you’re planning to make this a consistent thing that you do. Many people also buy vans and build them themselves. The guides at Gnomad Home give you an idea of what would be needed if you decided to take on building your campervan yourself. This is a great option if you’re going to be on the road for a long time because you’ll be able to design it to your convenience and in the style that makes you feel like you’re at home.

Make a Checklist for the Necessities

The smartest thing to do before you head out on a long road trip is to get your checklists ready. You need a checklist for your food, appliances, and cooking in general, one for your camping needs, your interior needs, and van upkeep and maintenance. There are actually ready-made lists that you can find online that have been created by experienced people who have been doing this for a while.

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Pick the Best Energy Sources

When you’re on the road, you will need the most convenient source of energy. You can go for a generator for your electricity, or you can opt for solar power. In the long run, solar power is much more environmentally friendly and will save you money. Make sure that the water source is working properly and that you know how to refill it when needed. The same goes for using the toilet and cleaning it if you have one installed in your camper.

Have the Vehicle Serviced

According to the experts from, this one is a given but needs to be mentioned. Even if the camper you’ve bought and rented out seems to be perfect, just make sure that someone has a look at it to ensure that everything is the way it should be. It’s advisable that you have a mechanic that generally deals with campers, so they know exactly what they’re looking at. You’re going to be on the road for a long time, so it doesn’t hurt for you to understand how the mechanics work in case you break down.

Always be Prepared for Surprises

Anything can go wrong at any time, and it wouldn’t be the smartest thing for you to assume or hope that nothing will. You should prepare for any set back so that if it does happen, you’re ready to sort it out. First of all, always have an overstocked first aid kit, and make sure that you know to tend to any wounds or medical emergencies. You also need to be prepared for any kind of breakdowns, so make sure that you have the spare tires and all the tools required to tend to a broken-down camper. Extra water and fuel are also essential.

Taking a camper on the road for a long road trip is pretty much like taking your home along with you, so it’s a completely unique experience, and it’s really something worth trying at least once in your life. It does mean that you’re going to have to prep efficiently for it beforehand, but this list covers all the ground you need to ensure a safe and exciting journey.

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