Top 5 Things to Check before Hiring a Plumber

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Finding a plumber is not difficult, but finding the right plumber might be a bit more strategic. There are many plumbers in Greenville whom you can hire. You just need to ensure that they are skilled and experienced enough in the field of plumbing. Be it a clogged pipe or a damaged tap, an unskilled plumber can worsen the plumbing system of your house. Hiring a good plumber also helps you in the long run and saves you money, since their service will last longer and keep your plumbing system free of troubles.

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So, putting some extra effort into finding a good plumber is definitely worth it, and this article will be your guide on that.

5 Things to Check before Hiring a Plumber

1. License and other documents

The first and most important thing to check before hiring a plumber is, of course, whether they are licensed or not. Some states specifically ask for licensing of the plumbers, while some do not. If your state demands a plumbing license, then you will check it in two steps. First, you will ask to see the company’s business license. Then, you will check the license of at least one of their plumbers. Any company that fails to show either of these licenses is not worth hiring. However, if your city doesn’t demand licenses, you should go the extra mile and check whether someone has previously registered any complaints about that company.

The other important documents are the plumber’s certification and the company’s insurance. It is always better to hire an officially certified plumber, and the company’s insurance covers any damage done to your property during the service. Plumbing can be a quite delicate job, and there are always chances of the plumbers injuring themselves during their job. The insurance will take care of it too. So, do check the papers!

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2. Experience of the company and the plumber

Proper plumbing definitely requires experienced plumbers, since they are more familiar with their tools and plumbing problems. You wouldn’t want to hire a plumber who will flood your house while experimenting with a pipeline. But, why is the company’s experience important? Well, first off, established companies have a much greater chance of having good customer service. Once a company becomes reputed, it also becomes extra careful in choosing its plumbers. I’m not suggesting that start-ups cannot be great, but hiring a company with lesser customer reviews can be quite risky.

3. The estimated cost

Imagine you have a broken tap and you have called a plumbing company. You explain the situation to them, and they tell you an estimated price of repairing the tap. Do you see where the problem is? They came up with a price without examining your problems first. So, always make one of their plumbers come to your house and assess the situation first. The assessing part may cost you from $50 to $150, but it is a crucial step that you should not skip. When the plumber examines your problem and lets you know the estimated price, ask them to break the price down to the costs of equipment and service charges, etc. This does not only help you choose the fair price, but also saves you from paying any hidden charges. Finally, never choose a plumber who asks for advanced payment. If you pay in advance, there are many chances that they will not finish the task properly.

4. Warranty of service

As I have mentioned earlier, choosing an established company will ensure better customer service, one of which is the warranty. There can be two types of warranty in plumbing- the warranty of used equipment and the service warranty. For example, if your plumber has set up a new pipe, they should be able to give you a formal warranty that this will not need further services in the next 6 months.

5. Customer reviews

Last but not the least, check the reviews on the company’s online website and in other places. If it is one of your local companies, ask around to know more about their previous records. There is no better way of finding a good plumber than the word of mouth of your local people.

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    When she saw water accumulating under the kitchen sink, my sister discovered a leak in one of the pipes. I appreciate you reminding me to look at the company’s online reviews and other reviews before hiring them. I’ll definitely share this with her to bear in mind when employing one since it can help determine if they are the ideal ones for the position. I’ll also look into any plumbing repair services that can be of use to her. I appreciate you sharing!

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