5 Best Schools in the US with Woodworking Programs

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Getting the chance to join a dream program that you qualify for can be thrilling. And joining the best college can make it even more exciting. If you want a career in the woodworking industry, this post is for you! Occupational safety tools like stationary power carpentry machines are commonplace in carpentry schools. Also, shop safety is a common topic you will study at the diploma and certificate levels. Carpentry programs may also cover blueprint reading and building codes. And so are the many types of lumber and fasteners used by carpenters.

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You can find quality assurance, lumber inspection, and others in wood manufacturing programs. In addition, timber turning and college arithmetic are also offered. Cabinetmaking will demand you spend more time on projects. And it should not be at the expense of your essays.

What Training and Qualifications Do You Need to Work in Carpentry?

Completing a post-secondary program could help you stand out in this job market. Such programs include a diploma or bachelor’s degree in CAD. Additionally, computerized manufacturing and arithmetic will also be beneficial. As a carpenter, you must have on-the-job training besides a related degree. It will teach you everything from basic machine operation to sophisticated details. For example, scheduling production runs and interpreting blueprints.

How to Get into a Wood Carving Program

Applicants for a carpentry degree should have completed high school. Or must have obtained their GED. Many institutions additionally have the least SAT/ACT scores and GPA requirements. Also, specific accreditation may be necessary beyond your degree for some carpentry vocations. Are you excited to start this journey? Here are five schools offering wood carving in the US to get you started and they will have answers to all your questions about woodcarving!

1.   Community College of Red Rocks

Red Rocks Community College’s Woodworking Department in Colorado is the country’s second-largest program. The Associate of Applied Science in Fine Woodworking is the topmost degree level. But even so, there are a few available professional certificate programs. All are in specialist sub-fields of carpentry. They include:

  • Craftsman
  • Joiner
  • Artisan
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Luthier fundamentals
  • Woodcarving fundamentals.

2.   City College of Long Beach

Long Beach college usually gets learners ready for careers in their technical professions. The institution provides a Certificate of Achievement and a Carpentry Associate of Science. If you are considering entry-level tasks in the field, seek an A.S. in Carpentry.

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3.   Palomar College, California

Three labs are available at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. The college provides Associate of Science degrees. It also offers certificates in woodworking skills and table and chair manufacturing. Also, cabinetmaking and millwork, veneering technology, and carving technology are the courses offered here. Additionally, you will find lathe turning technology, guitar making, and case furniture construction. The certificate and A.S. programs follow an identical curriculum. Students must also fulfill general education prerequisites except for an associate’s degree.

4.   Rochester Institute of Technology

The Institute is a public research university in Rochester, New York. It has Woodworking as a General degree program. The Rochester Institute of Technology is a major four-year private non-profit institution.

5.   Design School of Rhode Island

The Rhode Island School of Design is in Providence. It is suitable for students that thrive in a city setting. At Rhode Island School of Design, international students make up 32.7 percent of the entire school community. You will have plenty of opportunities to engage with people from diverse cultures. This opportunity is brought about by the varied student population.

What Kinds of Cabinetmaking Accreditations Are There?

Although certifications are unnecessary, they might help you establish your expertise. They may also help you grow in this competitive employment market. The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America offers a national certification structure. It lets cabinetmakers advance through five levels of experience. The structure begins with a Green Credential. It is usually for six months of training or experience. It then ends with a Diamond Credential for more than four years of experience. Some specialists concentrate on interior architectural woodwork. The Architectural Woodwork Institute provides a Quality Certification Program for them.


The four cabinet-making schools will help you make the best decision for your career. Community colleges around the US provide outstanding carpentry education. So, you may choose to get a professional certificate or finish a full degree program. Carpenters create furnishings and cabinets, among other things. They operate on-site, reading complex designs and schematics and using heavy tools. Carpenters toil on building structures, frameworks, and drywall, installing cabinets and siding. Construction laborers and assistants and construction supervisors are all options for graduates.

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