Swimming pool maintenance

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Having a swimming pool on your house compound is a pretty great deal especially during the hot summer months. Moreover, swimming is a hobby to many and a splendid manner of passing time in the lazy afternoon. Swimming is not only fun, but also, healthy since it’s a form of exercise. Some people are attracted to dive in the clear blue swimming pool water at any time of the day or night especially if you have solar pool heating system. Which is okay since swimming is a stress reliever. However, swimming pool can lead to a hell of harmful diseases if not taken care of.
Swimming pool maintenance

Therefore, if you want to benefit from swimming then you have to swim in a clean well taken care of swimming pool. The following are guidelines on how to take care of a swimming pool.

Manually Clean your Pool

The cleanness of a pool should be well thought of, considering that one swims half naked. If the water or the pool is slightly dirty, it can lead to harmful diseases. It’s good to clean the pools surroundings including the pool deck, garden and tiles among other places. If the environment around the pool is dirty then it’s easy for the dirt to get into the pool. Clean the pools walls and floor using brushes, cleaners and vacuums. If you don’t have a professional filter and pumps system, the most important thing is vacuuming your pool. Simply use the flocculant for pools and then vacuum the pool floor with pool vacuum.

Shock the Pool

It should be done weekly to get rid of contaminants and germs. It prevent chlorine odor, eye irritation and prevents future problems. For instance, you can use various products to use for shocking your pool. You can use basic shock products and or multifunctional shock products. Each product is used differently and for a different purpose. One should consult a specialist on swimming pool sector like the Arizona pool contractor so as to be guided on the proper mechanism of shocking a pool.

Maintain the Skimmer and Pump Basket

You have to clean the skimmer and pump basket regularly because it is important to the overall maintenance of your swimming pool. Clogged baskets make your pump have to work harder to try to cycle the water.  That can significantly decrease the life and stress the seals in your pump. If the water flow is impeded by baskets full of debris, you are not getting the proper turnover rate to properly filter your pool water.  If you want your pool to stay clean and clear the water it must be filtered. With your skimmer and pumps baskets full of debris, you are not pulling as much water to the pump, and not filtering as much water as if the baskets were kept clean.

Maintain Proper Water Balance

It should be done often testing the pools water PH and the alkalinity. This is because the two join at the hip of the pool. Therefore, whatever affects the alkalinity also affects the water PH and vice versa. The two are affected by the metal content in the water as well as the hardness of the water. They can be controlled by using calcium and metal eliminator.

Swimming pool maintenance - beautiful swimming pool

Chlorinate your Pool

Bacteria and algae are prone to water collection areas and the pool is not an exception. To keep your pool free from them, you need to chlorinate your pool regularly. It can be done by use of chlorinating granules, chlorinating tabs, and use of liquid chlorine.

In conclusion, a pool is not only important and fun to have in the home compound or in a recreation center. It has a number of advantages especially helping in maintain healthy bodies. However, for a pool to be useful and not harm the body, it requires proper maintenance. If a pool is well maintained, there will be no regrets swimming at any time. If not, one may find themselves hospitalized, having crazy irritation or suffering from a skin disease. Pool maintenance is not difficult and it’s the only way to ensure a pool is safe for swimming.

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