Solar pool heating

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If you want to truly enjoy swimming in your backyard pool throughout the entire swimsuit season without unwanted interruptions, you’ve probably put some thought into different pool heating systems. We are going to cut to the chase here and tell you that heating your pool with solar is the way to go. This is by far the most environmentally friendly and efficient way for you to utilize when it comes to pool heating. We earlier wrote about solar panel systems and how you can save money for electricity, heating and water heating and now we will point out why solar pool heating is the way to go. You can even use existing solar heating system that you have for your home and upgrade it to use it for heating your pool also.

Solar pool heating

There are quite a lot of different reasons for which this is truly the best way for you to consider.  You can even install a DIY solar pool heating system for your above ground pool. We wrote earlier that above ground pools can be installed in many different ways and that you can have a beautiful pool with limited funds.

How does it work

Solar pool heating systems consist of a collector, filter, pump and the flow control valve. The system is very basic really. Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector. In the collector the water is heated before it is returned to the pool. In hot climates the collector can also be also used to cool the pool during summer months. It’s a process in which the hot water is circulating the water through the collector at night.

Environmentally Friendly

We live in a world which is steadily turning to renewable sources of energy as opposed to fuel consumption. The attempts to reduce the harmful effects that carbon footprint is having to our environment are obvious and more powerful than ever. A solar pool heating system takes advantage of solar panels in an attempt to boost the overall temperature of the water in your pool. All you need to rely on is sunlight and you can easily increase the temperature with a substantial amount while retaining control over the entire process.


Once you get the installation done and paid for, there are no additional costs and recurring bills. All you have to do is get through this initial investment. A lot of people think that it’s quite substantial but that’s definitely not the case. Solar heating system is cheaper than conventional gas heating system and they last much longer than conventional pool heating systems. Solar panels have become more and more accessible as time passes and they are easily affordable for the wide public. What is more, you can use solar power to conveniently do double duty because it could also keep the pool pump running as well, cutting down your electricity bill even more.

Installation and Maintenance

The proper installation of a solar pool heating system depends on solar resource, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues. You can calculate and research all that yourself but it’s maybe best to have a qualified solar thermal systems contractor install your system. After installation, if you properly maintain your system, it will keep it running smoothly for at least 10–20 years. Your collector should require little maintenance if the pool’s chemical balance and filtering system are checked regularly.

All of the above doesn’t apply on small DIY pool heating systems for smaller pools and above ground pool. You can set them anywhere and you can do that in half an hour, it’s simple as that.

Tax Credit Availability

Did you know that governments are seriously incentivizing the usage of green, renewable energy? A solar panel installation can get you qualified for a tax credit in quite a lot of different areas. And, yes, this is also true for using a solar panel for a pool heater.

Take Hawaii, for instance. You can be credited up to about $2250 every single year, which is definitely not a number to overlook.

There are obvious benefits of using solar-powered heating systems to raise the temperature of the water in your pool. While using electricity is convenient, there are also solar covers and solar rings which are even more accessible. They are laid on the surface of your water and bend the sunlight in an attempt to seriously magnify its efficiency. They are known for being able to quickly raise and also retain the temperature of your water.

There are different options that you can go for if you want to take advantage of the green energy. Pool heating doesn’t have to be the costly and electricity consuming activity that it usually is. As a matter of fact, it could easily save you some money which you can use to build a nice pool deck.

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