Robotic Pool Cleaners – Are They A Good Investment For Your Pool?

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Maintaining your pool can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal. But does it have to be? With the introduction of robotic pool cleaners keeping your pool water sparkling clean with minimum effort on your part is now a reality. Automated or robotic pool cleaners offer unmatched convenience and ease and are inexpensive to maintain, making them ideal solutions for residential swimming pools.
Robotic Pool Cleaners - Are They A Good Investment For Your Pool

Robotic Pool Cleaners can come in various types and can offer a multitude of different features. These units can be expensive so making sure you are getting the right one for your pool is vital here. But don’t worry, we are here to help guide you through this tough purchase decision so you make the smartest choice possible

What To Look For In A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Not all robotic pool cleaners are the same. They range greatly not just in price but also in the quality of design and construction and the type of features they offer. Constant advancements in technology and innovation see new features added to these bots every year. Some are great but others can make things more confusing than beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should look out for when deciding on what robotic pool cleaner to purchase.

Weight, Size & Design

The best robotic pool cleaners are compact, light-weight and highly durable bots that can withstand punishment and wear and tear of chemicals and natural elements. Bulky and heavy units can be hard to move around and can take more space than needed. A sleek design also helps make your pool look cool with the bot in it doing its daily rounds.

Length & Durability Of The Cord

Cords that are made from cheap wiring can easily get entangled, break or tear which can be extremely hazardous when your bot is in the water. Always invest in a robotic pool cleaner that has a sufficiently long heavy-duty tangle-free swivel cord to ensure safety and uninterrupted cleaning.

Flappers Or Wheels

Robotic pool cleaners with wheels are much better than the ones with just flappers. A combination of both is even better as it allows for your unit to both float in the water as well as cling to the walls when needed. When it comes to wheeled robotic pool cleaners always look for ones with a wider wheelbase as it allows for better traction. When it comes to tires, rubber tires are best as they help the unit absorb shocks better and get over bumps. It is also highly recommended to buy a robotic pool cleaner with four-wheel-drive. A 4×4 feature offers much better traction and grip and can help your pool cleaner easily climb up and down the deep ends of your pool.

Brushes & Bristles

Robotic pool cleaners can come with different types of brushes and bristles that can be effective for certain pool surfaces but ineffective for others. Always check the type of brush attached to the robotic cleaner that helps it clean off built-up dirt and debris. Hard-bristle or rotating rubber brushes are best as they tend to be a lot more durable and effective when it comes to scraping off dirt and debris.


There is no point buying an automated pool cleaner if you have to keep checking on it to make sure it isn’t stuck. Mobility is a key feature to look for when deciding on a robotic pool cleaner for your pool needs. Having a bot that can get over and around stairs and other obstacles and not entangle itself can mean uninterrupted and efficient cleaning or your home pool. Modern robotic pool cleaners have built-in navigation systems that scan the surface and walls of your pool to find the quickest and most efficient cleaning path that helps save both time and money.
Robotic Pool Cleaners - Are They A Good Investment For Your Pool - under water

Reliability & Durability

When investing in an expensive piece of pool equipment like robotic pool cleaners it is important to ensure that the exterior and interior components are made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand natural and chemical wear and tear.

Warranty Terms

Always seek out manufacturers that offer the best warranty terms. Not only does the warranty show how confident the manufacturer is when it comes to its products it also safeguards your investment in case anything goes wrong.

Motor Efficiency

Since robotic pool cleaners run on electricity you want that is energy-efficient yet sufficiently powerful. This balance is often hard to find. However, the best robotic pool cleaners have several features that can help you save on energy bills.


These modern machines are equipped with the latest gadgets to help ensure optimum filtration, navigation, performance, and ease of use. Digital control panels offer programmable timers that take away the need to manually start and shut off robotic cleaners. Built-in sensors prevent the bot from getting stuck while self-learning navigation systems help find the most efficient cleaning paths for your pool.


A robotic pool cleaner, no matter how robust or durable it may be, requires maintenance from time to time. Cleaning out the filters and emptying out dirty water is essential for prolonging the life of your unit and getting the best performance out of it.


It is always tempting to buy a robotic pool cleaner that seems to offer a ton of features and benefits. However, a smarter option is to only seek out features that are most relevant to you as you can then find a robotic pool cleaner that is ideal for your specific needs rather than it having a bunch of features you will never use. The right robotic pool cleaner for your pool will help increase cleaning efficiency and offer results superior results which can translate to savings of both time, money and energy, especially, in the long-run. By keeping the above factors in mind you now have at least a basic idea of what type of robotic pool cleaner would be most suitable for your pool cleaning needs and can make smarter buying decisions.

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