Swimming pool installation on a budget

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Owning a home is a great accomplishment and from time to time you may want to add extra amenities to your property. Installing a shed in the backyard or a basketball court on the driveway can make spaces great for enjoying hobbies and favorite pastimes. If you have a large budget to invest in an amenitiy that all members are the family are sure to enjoy, perhaps you want to consider installing an inground swimming pool. We wrote earlier about installing an above ground pool and now we will share with you some tips for installing an inground pool.
Swimming pool installation on a budget

This article will provide some tips on how to budget for such a project.

Check prices

Before you promise your family that you will build them a new pool with your bonus check, you will want to know a good idea of how much you will have to spend. The first thing you should do before you settle on buying a pool is to check out pool prices at your local hardware or pool store. By seeing the various price points, you will then be able to make a decision as to what type of pool you will get as well as the extras that you will also have installed. Believe it or not a slide or diving board are extra costs.

Determine how you will pay for the pool

Some stores will offer special financing if you purchase through them. While they may offer great financing offers, the initial purchase may cost more. Be creative in how you shop for a pool. Perhaps you found one in store and the price is quite high. Consider looking online for the same pool. You may find that they pool is cheaper to buy directly from the distributor.

Will you need to hire help?

When deciding on a swimming pool for your property, you will also need to figure out who will actually build the pool? Will you need your property to be dug up and then landscaped properly after installation? These are all considerations to jot down when budgeting for the project. Check out the offers, maybe you can rent a mini excavator and save money for ground works.

Budget for the entire project; not just the pool

While you may have promised your family that you would install a swimming pool with your next bonus check, that doesn’t mean that you can also pay for all the extras that come with having a pool. Many local governments require that swimming pools have fences around them as a way to prevent drownings. Be sure to budget for fencing, labor and supply costs, a new deck around the pool, the swimming pool, as well as the installation and also a small slide or some other attraction like pool toys if you have kids.

Swimming pool installation on a budget - slide

All of these items can add up to be quite an expense. If you some skills in woodworking you can even make a pool deck with our DIY pool deck tutorial.

Look at your current finances

By having an awareness of your current money situation, you can then make a clear cut decision on whether or not you can take on a project of this size. You may need to build the swimming pool over a couple of years if money is tight. No matter what you decide to do, budgeting and making sure that our family can continue to live the life they are used to is important and can ensure happiness.

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    Hi I bought an above ground pool 15×25 ft
    It is put together piece by piece.
    Wanted to know if you can look at pool and let me know what the total cost would be to put it together
    And do you accept credit cards?

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