How to choose the perfect Garden Shed

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Having a garden shed is one of the simple methods for adding more storage space to your home. Also nice garden shed is the perfect decoration of every garden. But, determining the kind of shed you should have can be a bit tough and confusing. Prior to going ahead with shopping for this, ensure that you have done your homework well. Don’t rush and buy the first one you see and then realize that it doesn’t fit into the design of your garden.
How to choose perfect Garden Shed

We will present you some of the guidelines that will help you to pick the right shed for your garden.

Purpose of your garden shed

You need to consider how you are going to use your shed. This will help you in deciding the size and features that you will like to have in it. In case you want this for workshop or gardening then you will be spending a lot of time in it. Well in that case, make sure that you consider few things like lighting, ventilation and roof height. There are garden sheds that have additional features like a small scale house. Most of the people just need sheds for storage of things like toys, bikes, garden equipment, and other things. For this purpose, you will require the one that offers a lot of storage. In case you want to store large equipment then make sure that you get one that has doors that opens wide enough. If you want a shed for leisure or to use a pool house the consider large wooden sheds with all the necessary installation and plumbing.

Location of your garden shed

Always be sure that you have at least 3 feet of space around the outside of your shed for easy access and maintenance. When planning out the area be sure that there are no obstacles limiting your entry. If you want to protect your shed from the elements place it near a taller building, a fence or a hedge, which will guarantee a longer durability, especially during the winter. If you are planning your garden from the beginning then you should check out our tips on How to shape a garden.

Materials used for making a garden shed

Wooden shed:

The most traditional kind of shed is a wooden shed. These can be painted in any color so that it matches to your house and surroundings. Along with that, it can be completely personalized to develop any shape or size. Some of the features that can be included in these are window flower boxes, multiple shelves and cabinets, etc. Wooden shed is more costly in comparison to metal or resin sheds. This kind of shed requires timely maintenance as paint might peel and fade over the time.

How to choose perfect garden shed - wooden shed

Resin or plastic shed:

Resin sheds are also referred to as plastic sheds, high-density polyethylene sheds or vinyl sheds. This is the new invention in the field of sheds. This type of garden sheds are becoming highly popular choice and there are several reasons behind it. Normally, they are made out of high-quality plastic. This makes them light in weight. However, they are also strong and durable in comparison to wooden sheds. Resin sheds are maintenance free and also resistant to stain. They are also UV-protected. Hence, the chances of cracking, fading and rusting are less.

How to choose perfect garden shed - resin shed
Metal shed:

A metal shed can be a steel shed or galvanized aluminum shed. These are quite affordable among various kinds of garden sheds available. Though they are not very sturdy like the wooden or resin sheds. So if storms are common in your area, you must also buy an anchor kit so that your metal shed stays in place. These also have the tendency of denting and rusting. Steel sheds Launceston are high quality metal sheds that are perfect for all weathers. They have more storm protection than regular steel sheds and have built-in rust protection.

How to choose perfect garden shed - metal shed

Size of the garden shed

Sheds are available in all sizes these days. It is advisable that you should always plan for one bigger size than you think you will require. You should normally consider your needs and increase it by twenty-five percent for your future requirements. You should always match the size of your garden shed with the size of your garden. Garden sheds are available from 3 x 7 foot to 18 x 36 foot. There are larger sheds available but they are more barns and houses than garden sheds.

Foundation of the garden shed

Your shed’s foundation is also important and must be built on the surface level for best results. You can consider cement patio, compacted road base, etc. for foundation. This must be prepared before you buy a shed kit. Few manufacturers also offer step-by-step instructions for building a shed foundation. In case your shed does not comprise of foundation instructions then you need to do some research regarding the development of the same. Don’t ever put garden sheds without foundation because you’ll have an impossible mission of leveling the shed.

Building codes and price

Before you buy the biggest garden shed you can find check zoning ordinances, deed restrictions and building codes. Depending on your area, you may need a building permit your garden shed. Most of garden sheds don’t need any permits but building codes may determine how far storage units must set back from property lines and what materials are acceptable for siding etc.

The price of garden sheds vary with size and quality of materials used. You can get a nice small (5×4 ft) storage garden shed for just a couple hundreds but if you want a permanent and big enough solution then the price is around a thousand. If you want to get a beautiful wooden garden shed which is big enough for all your needs then the price goes up to five thousand. Whatever do you choose, never be cheap when you buy a garden shed because you will use it for lifetime.

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