Best pool toys

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Swimming is always a good idea to cool off when the summer heat gets unbearable. But having fun doesn’t have to be just hours of wading and floating around. Make sure to bring some pool toys for you and your friends to enjoy. No idea what to bring? Then you have to see this.
Best pool toys

Here’s a list of the hottest pool toys and how they could make your swimming party more exciting. If you’re looking for more Inflatable Pool Toys, you can find them here.

Giant beach balls

Oh, these giant inflatable beach balls will never run out of style. With so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to get one that’s cool and fancy. It’s no trouble getting it inflated either as you can always use an electric pump. Giant beach balls come in different sizes, ranging from 4 feet to a massive 9 feet in diameter. They’re made of tough and thick plastic that could weigh around 2 to 5 lbs when deflated, and a hefty 10 to 15 lbs when inflated. It’s crazy fun toy perfect for summer!

Pool noodles

Pool noodles or swim noodles are another super fun toy to bring with you to the pool this summer. They’re made of polyethylene foam that’s shaped like a long cylinder. They’re useful for a lot of things especially when you’re trying to learn how to swim. It can help you in floating, rescuing, and it’s even used for various aquatic exercises. Today, it comes in various forms, like noodle links, riders, and squirters. This toy has totally come a long way from just simple floaters!

Inflatable Pool Floats

Best pool floats will always be a swimming staple. They come in different sizes and designs, and just like beach balls, offer loads of fun in the water. You can get yours for as low as $10. Giant floating ducks, swans, donuts, pizzas are sure to bring more heat to your summer adventure. You can even get those with canopy features and cup holders for a more posh experience.
Inflatable water wheels

Water wheels redefine inflatable pool toys in a big way. These big and colorful floaters allow your kids to enjoy swimming much better. Watch them have fun literally rolling in the deep. These toys are easy to inflate and deflate and includes a repair patch for extended life. They’re very affordable too at around $30 to $50, and are made with heavy duty PVC materials, ensuring sturdiness.

Volleyball and basketball sets

Complete your summer pool party with a friendly game of aqua volleyball or basketball. There are complete volley sets being sold online including a net with sturdy aluminum poles and a beach ball. Basketball sets are becoming popular too, there’s a ton of options for floating hoops that are perfect for shooting balls. These toys are also incredibly affordable at $10 to $50.

Clearly those aren’t all the toys that you can bring to the pool but they’re most popular. While nothing beats the classic inflatable toys of the past years, it’s also fun to look around for new trends! If yous still don’t have a pool and you can’t afford classic pools you should check out some great above ground pools in our Above ground pools guide. You can even build an entire deck around your above ground pool. If you you’re interested in making a pool deck you should check out our DIY pool deck tutorial.

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    It’s great to know which pool toys are the best for kids. The inflatable water wheels sound like they’d be a lot of fun. My son is learning to swim better, so I bet he’d like something like that.

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