To maintain your air conditioning’s efficiency at its peak requires regular aircon servicing. It’s also important to watch out for those times when aircon servicing may be needed before the next scheduled maintenance visit. AC units may break down even when they are maintained regularly. There are some key indicators to watch out for to highlight whether you need aircon servicing.

Don’t ignore the telltale signs for aircon servicing

By staying vigilant you can be in a better position to call out the specialists when they are needed to handle the problems before they grow too big.

When to Call for Oasis Aircon

An air conditioner specialist like Oasis Aircon should be contacted as quickly as possible when you are aware something is going wrong with your unit. It’s the best way of having it repaired before it stops working at all. It’s also the best way of ensuring the damage doesn’t get worse.

Here are the telltale signs to watch out for:

  1. Cool Air Not Blowing

If the temperature of the air emanating from the vents warms up it’s a sign you may well need aircon servicing. If your unit does not blow cold air even at its maximum setting it indicates a damaged compressor. It can also point to the fact that the refrigerant level has dropped too low.

  1. Airflow Limited

If air stops circulating throughout the premises, then your unit needs to be inspected. The problem can be down to a number of issues including clogged filters or blocked ductwork. Dust and dirt can easily accumulate in vents and block ductwork. Reduced airflow can also be caused by a failing compressor. And simple regular use of a unit can cause the sort of wear and tear that reduces the compressor’s efficiency.

  1. Odd Smells and Strange Sounds

If an aircon unit begins to make any unusual sounds, it calls for aircon servicing in Singapore. When you hear any sounds like metal grinding on metal, you should switch off your system straight away and not use it. This will hopefully prevent further damage. If this happens then it is a warning that the system may completely fail.

Don’t ignore the telltale signs for aircon servicing - outdoor unit

Other warnings are:

  •         Burning smells from the air conditioner, which may indicate burnt wire insulation.
  •         Musty smells could indicate mold growing in your ductwork.

In both instances, a technician should check the problem and make repairs as soon as possible.

  1. Temperature Increase

Any increase in temperature of the AC unit could well be a signal that the air conditioner is suffering from a dirty coil. It could also indicate electrical components are damaged, the motor fan is broken, or there is a refrigerant leak. This type of repair calls for an expert aircon engineer.

  1. Leaks

If any refrigerant leaks out of your unit, immediate action is required. Refrigerant is potentially very dangerous to both people and animals. If water comes out of your system, then it could be a sign of a clogged drain tube. It is not as dangerous as a refrigerant leak, but it could lead to bigger problems if ignored. Air conditioning issues need to be dealt with before serious problems are caused. For your aircon servicing needs, contact Oasis Aircon today!