Types of locks for storage units

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Storage unit owners use different types of lock to protect the stored items. But sometimes it’s hard to choose the lock because there are variuos types of locks available on the market. Storage unit owner always tells you to lock up your rented unit by your own lock. As we all know, the lock is very important for ensuring security of your storage. For this reason, you have to choose the best type of lock for your storage unit.

Types of locks for storage units

Here we will provide you some basic information about what are the types of lock you can choose for your storage unit.


According to secureone.info, a padlock is the most common type of lock for securing storage units. There are two different types padlocks. Closed shackle padlocks and open shackle Padlocks. You can buy any of the padlock types for your storage unit. However, the price of  closed shackle padlocks is higher than open shackle padlock. Check best-rated padlocks for a storage units at storagefact.  However, when the time comes  to buy a padlock, you should consider the following things:

The thickness of the shackle

The thickness of the shackle is very important. The thieves try to cut the lock through cutting the shackle. So, the thicker the shackle, the harder it will be to cut by the thieves. The shackle thickness between 08-10 mm or above is considered as a high thickness shackle but below 08 mm is considered as a low thickness of shackle.

Materials of the lock

Materials of the lock are also a very important factor when choosing the lock. The lock materials are varied from lock to lock. Among all lock materials, Molybdenum is the strongest type of material but the lock made from Molybdenum is expensive as well. On the other hand, Boron and Solid steel are also used to make locks. Additionally, these two are non-corrosive and strong as well. So, if you have a lower budget, you can go for the Boron and Solid steel lock but try to avoid brass locks.

Lock security Mechanism

Lock security mechanism is very important because thieves are faster and smarter than ever before. For this reason the lock manufactures rely not only on the quality of the lock but also they are trying to improve the locking mechanism as well. Nowadays, you can find a padlock with a combination mechanism, Bluetooth mechanism, mobile apps mechanism and so on. So you need to choose based on your needs.

Combination lock

The combination lock is most commonly used with padlock. Nowadays, you can get a combination locking mechanism for almost every type of lock. So, the lock with combination will be more effective and stronger than before. There are two types of combination locks: single dial and multiple dial.

Disk lock

The disk lock is not commonly used for locking storage units. It is the most common lock for motorcycles and bikes. But sometimes, if you don’t have any other option, you can use disk lock for locking storage units.

Other types of lock

There are many other types of locks like the keyless lock, rim latch lock, deadbolts, cylinder lock, etc. But these types of locks aren’t commonly used for locking storage units.

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