Roof Damage Repair Guide

Many homeowners will notice that they start having water damage inside of their home on their ceilings, but what they don’t know is that they’ve probably had a leak on their roof for a long time, and it should not be ignored. There are numerous steps that you can take so that if this is you, you’ll know how to troubleshoot your roofing problems, and even know how to get the proper roof damage repaired.

Roof Damage Repair Guide

Sometimes you have to hire a professional roofer, but the important thing is to know what is causing the leak or needing repaired.

Flashing Can Get Damaged

The material that stands between chimneys and your roof can actually become damaged or deteriorate. This is called flashing, and there are even flashings under your shingles or roofing material that you’ll need to look at. If you know you can safely get up on your roof, then check for cracks, or areas where the flashing is torn up, because this can actually let moisture and water in. If you are able to fix this yourself, you might need to replace a couple shingles around the flashing, remove the old flashing, and put the new flashing in, and it doesn’t cost that much.

Seals Can Wear Over Time

Just as with the flashing, the sealant that is used for it can actually crack as well, and when this happens, then the flashing isn’t going to work right. Therefore, you’re going to get the same problem and can have a leak happen, as well as cause damage to your flashing. You can literally use any type of weatherproof caulking or use tar sealant to help reseal your flashing during dry weather. Other waterproof caulking can even be put on wet if there is the dire need for it.

Roof Damage Repair Guide - damaged shingles

Shingles Disappear Over Time

Due to high winds, rains, even sweeping of trees and debris over your roof, you can have damaged and missing shingles. Sometimes the granules of sand that protect your shingles will eventually wear as well, and even frequent animals running across your roof can actually cause problems. Whatever the case may be, you should have your old shingles replaced.

This doesn’t always mean that you’ll need a new roof altogether though, and you can sometimes safe money by just having your damaged shingles replaced rather than having a full roof replacement. If your home’s current roof is less than 15 years old, then you may want to go this route if at all possible in order to get the most conservation of your money. Otherwise, depending on the extent of the damaged shingles on the roof, or how long they’re sitting there, you may need your entire roof replaced, and should definitely consider it.


If you’re needing your roof repaired or replaced, we highly recommend that you get ahold of your local roofing contracting company to get the job done like this El Paso TX Roofing Pro. By hiring licensed and insured roofers, you can guarantee a safe job to protect your own health and your families, while making sure that you can increase the integrity of your home once again.

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