Why It’s Time to Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace

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A furnace is a residential heating system that works by converting heat from air and distributes it through ductwork and vents inside the home. For a furnace to work properly, its burners, duct, heat exchanger, and gas valves should be in optimal condition. If you’ve been using the same furnace for decades, consider upgrading your home’s heating system by investing in a high-efficiency furnace. Unlike older models, a high-efficiency furnace can provide benefits that go beyond making your home warm.

Why It’s Time to Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace

Here’s why it’s high time to switch to a high-efficiency furnace:

Energy Savings

As a homeowner, you’re expected to pay all of the utility bills on time. A spacious home will be useless if it doesn’t have a sufficient supply of electricity. The money you’ve put into appliances and amenities will become useless. If you’re looking for techniques to become a frugal homeowner, installing a high-efficiency furnace can be the perfect solution. Unlike older models, a high-efficiency furnace uses electronic ignition technology that only engages once the furnace is used. This can result in less wasted fuel and cheaper energy bills.

Conventional furnaces don’t work this way. This heating system is constantly activated, which means that it still consumes energy even if no one is using the furnace. A high-efficiency furnace installed by experienced contractors, such as CE Plumbing & Heating, might be an expensive investment. However, if its energy efficiency can result in more savings in the long run, then it’s still a worthwhile investment. Your one-time purchase will prevent your energy bills from skyrocketing, keeping your finances intact.

Longer Lifespan

The price of a high-efficiency furnace is usually one of the reasons why homeowners choose to use their old heating systems. Aside from the price of the product, the installation, type of fuel to be used, and brand of the furnace can also contribute to its total cost. Since a high-efficiency furnace has a longer lifespan, paying for all of its costs can provide value to your money. Unlike older or conventional heating systems, a high-efficiency furnace has a built-in system that cleans itself from moisture. It’s also made from durable parts that are designed to withstand any chemical buildup without any outside interference.

A high-efficiency furnace is made up of parts that work better than older models. With greater efficiency, you can be at ease knowing that your furnace will have lesser chances of going out of order. By switching to a high-efficiency furnace, you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for frequent maintenance and repair costs.

Why It’s Time to Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace - replacing furnace

Less Noise

Your home should provide comfort to the entire household. This investment should create a conducive environment for your family to relax, bond with each other, and carry out all sorts of activities. The noise level produced by your furnace can affect the mood and ambiance of your home. A furnace that sounds like a clogged motor whenever it’s turned on can disrupt your family to become productive. If the noise gets too loud, conversing with each other and sleeping can become a struggle. If you’ve been experiencing all of these problems with your current heating system, it’s high time that you install a high-efficiency furnace. This furnace runs its blower at lower speeds and longer periods. As a result, a high-efficiency furnace provides a quieter environment, and all of your activities at home won’t be disturbed once it kicks into gear.

Optimal Performance

Using the same heating system in your home for decades might be convenient, but it doesn’t warrant the best air quality or highest level of performance. In fact, continually using an old heating system – one that’s installed at least 25 years ago – means your home loses heat faster than your furnace can produce them. This kind of furnace will require you to spend more money on heating that’s only wasted.

A high-efficiency furnace can perform better. This is a new system that is equipped with the newest technology in providing heat to homes. Without creating too much noise, a high-efficiency system has built-in sound-absorbing materials and advanced gas valves that provide consistent heating in different rooms in your house. Variable speed motors power a high-efficiency furnace to produce healthier breathing air, as well. Newer filtration systems also work by removing dust, mold, and other air particles that can trigger allergies and irritations.

Choose Carefully

Once you’re convinced that a high-efficiency furnace is a great investment, look for insured and licensed HVAC contractors operating in your area. Make a list and have time to personally meet each of these contractors. Only pay and sign documents if you’re confident about the skills and legitimacy of the HVAC contractor.

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