How to repair your shop’s entry gate

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Don’t you think it’s the time to give your store a new look? Has your front door been the victim of a vehicle accident, or has been subject to general wear and tear? Are you thinking about replacing that old door that your grandfather had installed when he first set up shop? Perhaps you are on the verge of starting up a new business, or maybe opening up a new shop and need a new storefront door.

How to repair your shop's entry gate

Your front door influences your life and business in many ways

Regardless of the reason, if you are thinking of getting your shop’s entry gate repaired – or maybe get a new one altogether – you need to consider all your options. What you decide to put in front of your store will heavily influence how good your business goes. It is your front door that gives the first impression to someone who has never visited your store before. In fact, maintaining your storefront can even serve to drive in more people to your retail store. This is why you need to be mindful of what you are putting out there for others to see.

Before a potential customer even walks in, the door you have installed in front of your shop will give them a general idea about your business. For example, a door in front of a high-end garment store must reek of glamour and style, whereas the entry door to a hardware and tools shop must be no nonsense and sturdy. Store owners make use of colors in 80% of store décor to create a relaxed environment, including front doors. Your door conveys the personality of you and your business before you even have a chance to interact with the customer.

What will I find when I go door shopping?

So, you have decided that your old, boring front door needs to go. In that case, you will need to repair your entrance by installing a new one. When you look into the market, you will largely find two categories of front doors – those that are pleasing to look at and those that provide the best of security. However, the best entry doors combine aesthetics with practicality – refusing to compromise on either.

Let’s say that you are looking for a commercial gate repair in Dallas to replace or repair your old shop gate. There are a few options that they are likely to offer you regarding the material, among which the most popular are metal and glass. Of course, you can then add on special features to make the entrance more eye-catching or secure, or add a touch of your personality. Let us discuss in detail the merits and demerits of the options you are most likely to come across when choosing a storefront door.

Metal storefront doors

About half the market comprises of this type of front doors. These are most commonly either made of steel or aluminum, or even a combination of the two. A surprising 34% of burglars will enter through your front door when they intend to commit a crime. This is why your door must be as secure as you can make it – and what better way to safeguarding your business than to have a metal entrance to your retail store?

Steel front doors are durable and cost-effective. They can withstand loads of abuse as well as regular wear and tear. They are not easily affected by a powerful impact. All of these factors make steel front doors a desirable option when considering front doors.

However, steel doors fail to produce the aesthetic that other doors can. They might not be the best option to generate more foot traffic – especially if your business deals with beauty or style in any nature. Though these doors are great to install at side and back entrances, putting them up as a storefront to a salon or a garment shop might not be the best move. To combat this, aluminum doors are produced to give off a contemporary, sleek look while simultaneously providing the security you need.

Glass storefront doors

For commercial uses, it is this type of storefront that is most popular these days. They are aesthetically pleasing and stylish and will give your store a modern look. The passing customer is allowed to see into the store and might be attracted by your merchandise. In this way, these doors are friendlier and welcoming and boost your business by driving in foot traffic. They also help to make your space look roomier than it actually is.

However, glass doors to come with their drawbacks. They cost much more than a regular steel door and are expensive to repair as well. They also require a greater degree of maintenance. They are unable to withstand impact and are not as tough and resilient as metal doors. Tempered glass may provide some degree of strength, but it still is unable to match the security provided by metal storefronts.


There are multiple varieties of commercial storefronts available once you start exploring the market. All of these types of gates have their own pros and cons. Some come with incomparable resilience, while others offer style and aesthetics. What you should choose for your store must reflect the nature of your business. Your own preference and the general vibe you want your store to have along with the kind of business you are running should be the deciding factors.

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