3 Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Car

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It sucks when you just got a new car and out of nowhere, it gets scratched. It’s understandable to feel frustrated and angry, but don’t worry, it can be handled and fixed! There are different ways to fix the scratches on your car, take a look below at some of the best ways to make your car look as good as new after fixing that scratch.

3 Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Car

How Bad Is The Scratch?

You need to understand that scratches come in many shapes and sizes, and they can damage a certain layer of your car. The scratch could be a paint layer scratch that damaged the two outer layers of your car which are the paint job and the extra coating that is applied for protection. A scratch could have damaged the undercoat/primer layer of your car; these coating scratches are a little harder to deal with. And the hardest and most annoying one of all is the deep base scratch; you can see the final layer of the bare metal body of your car when you get a bad scratch like this. So after you know which scratch you got, it’s time to get to fixing!

Ways To Fix It

There are ways for you to fix it yourself if you want to save some money by not taking your car to the mechanic. Just remember that if the scratch is extremely deep and large, you need a professional to look at it. But nonetheless, take a look below at some of the ways you can handle a scratch on your own:

Fillers and High-Quality Repair Kits 

There are always different fillers that you can use to hide and fix that scratch but your best choice is scratch remover from never-scratch.com. Your car’s body comes in many layers, so before you get ready to search for the best scratch repair kit, you need to know which type of scratch that you’re dealing with and on which layer in order to use the right kit and fillers. Many repair kits come with state of the art materials that have different compounds to break down the top layers completely and start to work on the color layer to fill the scratch you have on your car by polishing and repairing it completely. If you are not comfortable doing the repair yourself, then you can find a professional to take care of the scratch for you here.

Use Toothpaste 

This method is both unusual and effective, it’s indeed unorthodox, but you can still see some results. Toothpaste has the ability to hide big scratches and remove light ones completely; its properties are kind of like gentle sandpaper that is used to smoothen up your car’s surface. It fills the space of the scratch, allowing it to flush with the surface.

3 Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Car - toothpaste

It would make deep scratches seem not really there and hard to notice and it works well with light and moderate scratches too. It’s a good temporary method for fixing your car’s situation.

Touch-Up Paint and Car-Color Spraying

This method would really work well with your light and moderate scratches, you just have to make sure you have the same colors as your car’s paint-job. Touch-up painting is great, but you need to really have steady hands and focus when you’re applying it with the pen-like tool. Spray painting is always better when you want to cover multiple scratches or large areas. Just remember to clean the scratched area well and use sandpaper to make it smooth before painting or spraying. When you’re done, finish your hard work with a coat, then wax it up to perfection.

Good as New

Nothing is impossible, there are always different and more convenient ways to fix the scratches on your car. It doesn’t always have to take a huge toll on your budget, do your research and find the best way to handle it. Keep calm and relax, your car can look great again.

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