Safe on the Road: 5 Important Truck Driver Safety Tips You Can’t Miss

Believe it or not, there are now more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. That’s a lot of professionals making sure the American people have the things they want and need on a daily basis. Driving a truck for a living isn’t easy. And yet society relies on truckers to keep dinner on the table. One of the biggest challenges truckers face is staying safe when driving. This article takes a look at truck driver safety tips that can help reduce accidents hauling loads from coast to coast.

5 Important Truck Driver Safety Tips You Can't Miss

If you drive a truck, keep reading to get the inside scoop into how to stay out of harm’s way when driving commercial vehicles.

Pay Attention to Road Vibrations

As a professional driver, you’re spending a ton of time on the road. This means you’ll be exposed to constant road vibrations. You might not give these vibrations much thought, but they actually take a toll on your body. Road vibrations travel through your seat to your body, sending vibration frequencies to your spine that can cause long-term injuries. In order to reduce the impact of road vibrations on your spine, tilt your seat back a little from vertical. This can help reduce vibration and road shock. Proper tire pressure and a good suspension system are also crucial for reducing vibrations. If you find yourself in an accident during work, here’s how to handle it.

Never Jump Down From the Cab

When you’re on the road, you’ll be in a hurry. Thus you’ll probably get in the habit of jumping from the cab to the ground. This is a bad idea because accidents can happen. You could land wrong and turn an ankle. Or land on a slick spot and lose your footing. Plus the impact can take a toll on your knees and back in the long-term. Keep the “three points of contact rule” in mind. this means that you should always have three of your four extremities in contact with your truck when climbing out.

Keep in mind, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident, get immediate medical attention and it is strongly recommended to contact an expert truck accident lawyer due to the complexity of this type of accident. Check out more Truck Accident FAQ to learn more on what you need to do if you meet an accident on the road.

Stop When You’re Tired

Every truck driver is tempted to stay on the road beyond the point of exhaustion. After all, you’re only getting paid when you’re on the road. This is actually one of the leading causes of major  truck accidents for drivers. Yes, you have a lot of pressure to get to your destination, but it’s crucial to put safety first. Because the more tired you become, the less aware you’ll be of your surroundings, traffic, and road conditions, and it will be more challenging to keep your truck on the road. Stop and get some sleep so that you’re properly rested for the trip.

5 Important Truck Driver Safety Tips You Can't Miss - trucker

Don’t Handle Your Load Alone

Don’t try to be a hero. Resist the impulse to be macho when handling loads. Because you can easily injure your back. Instead, get some help for the unloading process and use whatever mechanized tools are available for unloading pallets and other heavy cargo.

Get an ELD

Electronic logging devices connect directly to your engine diagnostics system giving you real time updates on the health of your engine. This can be extremely useful when you are on the road, no need to do the check up yourself just drive to the first workshop and get things fixed quickly and effortlessly.
ELDs also offer a wide range of improvements:

  • Increase driver safety and save lives
  • Simplify the process of keeping Records of Duty Status (RODS)
  • Increase Hours of Service compliance by automating Recording of Duty Status for drivers
  • Reduce paperwork for drivers and office staff
  • Save time and money spent on office administration
  • Minimize the risk of errors with automated tracking

Comfort Is Key

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. After all, you’re spending long hours behind the wear with limited physical movement. The wrong clothes can impair proper blood circulation, which will result in general discomfort and even major health problems.

A Guide to Truck Driver Safety Tips

When you drive for a living, safety should always be your top priority.

One additional tip is to listen to your fellow truckers on your citizens band radio or CB radio. While smartphone apps can give you notice of crash scenes or accidents ahead, there’s nothing like the warning of another driver to convince you to avoid a potentially life-threatening situation and drive extra carefully. Fortunately, these truck driver safety tips will help you and fellow drivers stay as safe as possible. Keep scrolling to discover more helpful tips and advice for your life.

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