Hiring A Lawn Care Professional In 4 Easy Steps

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We all love having a beautiful yard, but with all the time we spend commuting to and from work, let alone the copious hours we spend there, who has time to keep up with it? This is just one of the reasons why hiring a professional lawn care service can be an excellent solution for keeping your lawn in great shape while not having to spend every hour home tending to it!
Hiring A Lawn Care Professional In 4 Easy Steps

When you’ve decided that hiring professionals are going to be your answer to lawn care, there are a few things to take into consideration.  If you want to know how to hire a professional lawn care service, follow these tips!

Choose A Local Company That Knows Your Flora

While there are a lot of major franchises that provide lawn care services all over the country, but if you can find a local one that works in your community, you’ll know their policies and procedures are in line with the struggles your lawn faces every day.  It still pays to be vigilant and do your research, but supporting a local business combined with one that knows your area because it’s their own is hard to beat with lower prices and standardized lawn care.

Do Your Background Research

The Internet is a powerful tool, and one of the purposes to which it can be set is ensuring that the companies you work with have a reputation for incredible service.  Yelp reviews are an excellent place to start, but you can also investigate what Google has to offer.  Just Google the name of the company and check to see if they have been featured on any websites recently, like this WikiLawn interview for example.  While these are both great resources, ask your neighbors with beautiful lawns who they use to tend to their needs, and you’ll be getting the best advice of all, word of mouth advertising.  Combining these three methods will ensure that the service you’re paying for is the service you expect. Just google the name of the company and check to see if they have been featured on any website recently, like this Atlanta Turf & Tree for example.

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Check Their Credentials

Do they belong to trade or professional organizations in their area of expertise?  How long have they been a part of it and what reputation do those organizations have?  To protect your property and your investment you also want to check to be certain they’re licensed, insured, and bonded to cover all the unexpected things that can go wrong as part of their service.  These kinds of credentials ensure that they’re above board and working hard to maintain their reputation and that that reputation is valuable to them; an essential factor in the work they’ll perform.

Excellent Lawn Care Requires Excellent Equipment

One of the most important questions you can ask them is how often they sharpen the blades on their equipment. A sharp edge ensures a clean cut and a beautiful lawn, where dull blades will leave your yard looking ragged, damaged, and brown.  If they don’t tell you that they change their blades or sharpen them every other day, hang up and call another provider.  Another metric to check on is how many hours they put on a set of blades before changing it.  10 hours is optimum, anything more is going to result in dull choppy blades.

These four tips will ensure that hiring a lawn care service will be a rewarding experience that leaves you with a beautiful lawn and the confidence of knowing the job will be done right.  Don’t let your yard go wild because you don’t have time to care for it, invest in a lawn care service and enjoy a beautiful landscape all year round.

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    It is great to know that you suggest checking the credentials of any potential lawn care service. My lawn needs to be taken care of and I don’t have time to do it myself. I’ll have to hire a lawn care professional with the right credentials.

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