Professional Movers vs Moving Containers: Which is Better?

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Professional Movers vs Moving ContainersOh, the ever annoying yet long-awaited (or not!!) moving day. If there is one thing that every adult who has had to move at least once can attest to, it is that nothing can be more infuriating yet satisfying at the same time, as moving. Satisfying in that, sometimes, you are looking forward to moving out of the ghettos and into the leafy suburbs. The moving experience may not be so glamorous though.

When selecting how to move, logistically, it might make more sense to hire someone to do the job for you that means getting in touch with a moving company. Doing it yourself might require renting a POD or container, for a few days, a month or more. Each one of these options has its pros and cons. Be sure to visit for more on this and other relocating issues.

Professional movers


  • Stress free, no lifting will be done on your part. You basically get your money’s worth and you will probably try to make a penny scream. The moving company personnel will do all the lifting, arrange everything accordingly, while sorting and packing stuff in a non- precarious manner, or so we hope.

  • Due to experience, stuff gets moved a lot faster and is packed and packaged, (the way it’s stored on the truck and how it is boxed) in a manner that will make it easier to unload as well. This means less stress for you, and more time for you to do or plan other things, i.e. how to arrange stuff in your new home.

  • Additionally, when moving, you should have straps and the stuff that helps cushion stuff so it doesn’t’ shatter on impact. These are costly and if you don’t have the money to spend on such, it makes more sense to hire a moving company because they bring their own supplies.


  • They arrange everything, their own way, on their own time (as you pay hourly, by the way). This means that if you have your own way of doing things, you might get a tad infuriated. This could, inadvertently make the move take longer.

  • It is costly. American Moving & Storage Association gauges the cost per local move in the United States to roundabout $2300. That’s enough to pay the mortgage on the new house you are moving into. For long distance moves, it does get considerably higher based on weight and distance of course and don’t let’s get started on interstate moves, these average $4300.

  • You will or should inquire, investigate and do research on the people you plan to hire. These are total strangers who you are letting into your home, your new home as well as giving them a glimpse of what kind of lifestyle you engage in. Might cost you time and money to find the right ones, time in this case referring to actually visiting or calling government/federal agencies to get feedback on them, rather than just asking colleagues or friends.

Professional Movers vs Moving Containers - professional moversMoving containers


  • These can be used as storage as well- you can have the company pick it up when you are done. They also help you move the thing- meaning, you don’t have to drive it like you would with other moving trucks.

  • You can usually leave these on your compound for a while as you plan your next move, or complete overnight renovations ready for moving in the next morning.

  • They usually charge you on a monthly basis. This gives you a bit of leeway as far as packing time, moving time, and unloading time as well as ample time to have them come by and pick it up.

  • It is considerably cheaper – A POD can cost as little as $800 bucks to lease. Distance and time have to be factored in though.

  • Another plus side of these containers, is that if you do in fact want one of them on your property, they will only set you back between $100 to $120, depending on size.


  • Well, clearly, the major drawback is that you do in fact have to, DIY!! It becomes a do-it-yourself project. You now have to rent the stuff that helps you move, i.e. the straps and dollies, as well as planning the logistics for before and after moving, as well as lifting, packing stuff onto the container and of course offloading.

  • Once you are done with the container, you need storage space. If there is none available near you, you’d have to venture out some, to find one.

  • Street parking nightmares- oh yes, you know how that goes. Annoyed neighbors, neighborhood regulations and plenty more little annoyances, means you will definitely go through some serious stress trying to find parking for your 12 or 16 ft container and you and you better get done moving sooner, rather than later.

Truth be told, no particular method is absolutely better than the other. Depending on costs, convenience and practicality, you will be more inclined to choose one over the other. It makes perfectly good sense to hire a company if you don’t have friends readily available to help, if you are a young couple with a newborn or an executive who doesn’t particularly have time to lift boxes. On the other hand, a bachelor with a group of friends with not too much else to do on a weekend would be better off getting a moving container and some beers to help him cool off. Happy relocating!

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