Moving Checklist for a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

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So, you have finally decided to move to a new home? Well, that’s good news. You don’t always have to stay in the same place forever. With all the dynamics, you’re bound to find yourself relocating to a different setting. To minimize stress and make the transition smoother, you need to plan things. Hire a reputable furniture removalists Sydney to help you.

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Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help you pack and travel safely:

Sort, Purge

Inspect every room and decide what you would like to carry. If there are any items you’d wish to dispose of, then be sure to label them. Think about whether certain items will need special packing arrangements or additional insurance coverage.

Research Movers

It’s crucial to hire movers on time, which means even 2-3 months before the moving day, especially if you move long distance. Both you and the movers have to take enough time to get prepared. Start doing your research. Identify as many options as you can. Don’t be quick to make a hire over the phone. Instead, request to have a physical meeting with the mover. Get on-site estimates from different companies and ensure that they’re fully registered and certified. Remember, transportation is bound by unique safety standards.

Order Supplies

Shop around for moving boxes, permanent markers, tape, as well as, bubble wrap. Depending on your needs, may also want to consider ordering specialty containers like wardrobe boxes and dish barrels.

Use It Up

If there are items you don’t want to transport, then start using them up. Such things may include frozen and perishable foods. If they’re too many, give them to your friends and neighbors.

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Take Measurements

Take measurements of your new home. Make sure that your furniture and other large items will fit through the door. It’s better to confirm this early to avoid inconvenience.

Confirm The Arrangements

Pick your preferred company and inform them about your moving arrangements. Make sure that you obtain written confirmation of the moving costs, the date, as well as, other important details.

Begin Packing

Start with the items that you rarely use. While packing, identify valuable items that might need additional coverage from your mover. Declare, in writing, all items worth over 100 pounds, such as your laptops and computers.


Once you’re done packing, go ahead and label each box with its contents. You may also want to number them and indicate the room it’s intended for. This will make it easier for you to keep an inventory of your assets. For the box containing items, you’ll need immediately, label it as “essentials”.

Separate Valuables

Keep valuable items such as jewelry inside a safe box. You’ll personally carry this box to your new home. Indicate the mover’s estimated cost in this box. You might need it for reference during the moving day.

Take Inventory

Confirm if it’s the moving company you contacted. The USDOT number should match the number contained in the estimate you were given. Remember, scams have become increasingly popular nowadays. So, be sure to verify this information. Before the vehicle leaves, sign the inventory list and retain a copy.

The Bottom-Line

Relocating to a new home isn’t always a simple task. But with the above checklist, you can rest assured that things will be a bit simpler. Don’t just hire any moving company. Instead, take your time to search for a reliable, affordable, and transparent mover.

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