How to Maintain Your Fish Aquarium

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If you get an aquarium, you are in charge of a mini ecosphere. A good aquarium consists of plants, rocks, curio, and fishes. Aquariums and fishes don’t need much maintenance, but you can’t neglect them completely.
How to Maintain Your Fish Aquarium

Following, we are going to share some important guidelines you need to mind to maintain your aquarium.

Find Something within Your Means

When it comes to buying a fish tank, you need to find something in your budget. Setting up an aquarium involves buying sand and plants for the tank. You also need to invest in filters, heaters, and other things. If you are planning to set up an aquarium, the first thing you should do is set a budget. After you have set the budget, you need to consider the following:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Fish Species
  • Water

In general, aquariums are categorized as freshwater and salt-water. Freshwater is more budget-friendly than salt water because fresh water is cheap to buy, and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Size and Shape

This is the basics, gone are the time aquariums are available in standard rectangular shapes. Today, there are many different shapes and sizes. Now, you can buy fish bowls and cubed aquariums to the bowfront aquarium and pentagon shaped tanks.

Amateur hobbyist prefers a tabletop tank, but if you want to breed fish, you will need a larger tank. A general rule of thumb is one gallon of water for one fish. Therefore, the size of your aquarium depends on how many fishes you want to keep, depending on the specimen and natural size.

Aquariums also differ on materials. Glass aquariums are not easy to scratch, but they can chip. On the other hand every acrylic aquarium manufacturer is making efforts to make acrylic aquariums cheaper and more lightweight than glass tanks.

How to maintain your fish aquarium - in the wall fish aquarium


The only thing you need to do is feed your fish daily. Cleaning the tank is also important. Clean the aquarium walls with a sponge or filter floss. You need to start from the bottom and make your way towards the top. Vacuum the gravel and remove plant waste, and rinse after inserting the filter.

Test the water for PH levels, carbonate hardness, and nitrite-nitrate levels. Change about 10-15% of water in the tank after every few days. Don’t change the water completely because it will take time to balance mineral levels, and suit the specimens. Also, you need to change inserts and cartridges every month. If you’ve tried and you can’t do it yourself you can left it to Fort Lauderdale Aquarium Maintenance.

Finding the Right Location

You need to place the glass aquarium at an eye level. This way, you will enjoy watching the marine life. If you have an acrylic aquarium, you need an electric outlet nearby.  Don’t place the tank somewhere where temperate changes, for example, direct sunlight, radiator, or an air conditioner vent.

Direct sunlight promotes the growth of algae. It is harmful to fish and makes the tank look dirty.  Opening and closing your door can overstress your fish. Therefore, avoid placing the aquarium in a high traffic area. Aquariums need lighting, but modern fittings are now using LED aquarium light.

Check Water Condition

Water is essential for fish, and it plays a central role in their long life. Tap water needs to be balanced before you pour it in an aquarium. So, condition your water properly. It’s important you de-chlorinate the water by adding biological supplements.

Maintain proper PH Levels. PH levels suggest the acidity or alkalinity of tank water. Buy a PH kit and check the OH levels. Freshwater fish can endure 6. 6 PH level. At best, they can endure a 7.8 PH score. This range will have a natural antiseptic effect on the fish and keeps it from getting ill. If you want a healthy aquarium, then you need to take care of these.

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