8 Important Things to Know When Moving Into Your New House

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You’ve just bought a new home after a long wait or you got a job in a new city and have to move to a new apartment… No feeling can be more exciting! However, amid all the mixed feelings of excitement, stress, and anxiety that come with moving, there are a few important things that you need to know and do to make your experience in your new house a stress-free one. Most of these revolve around security, convenience, and your home’s aesthetic appeal.

8 Important Things to Know When Moving Into Your New House

Even though our list may not be exhaustive due to the scope of this article, here are 8 important things to know when moving into your new house.

1. You may need to consider changing the locks

Whether you’re moving into a rented apartment or your own home, security is the number one concern that should linger in your mind. On this note, it is highly likely that your new house will have several doors with locks already installed and keys ready for use. The last thing you want is a stranger coming with their own key to your front door and letting themselves in when you (guys) are away or asleep. You may have bought or rented the property from one of the most reputable real estate agents around, but you can never be sure that no one has duplicate keys to your house.

Before you even contact your moving company, it’s important to have the locks on your new house changed by a reputable locksmith service to keep you and your family protected. While at it, you may also consider having the locksmith install a deadbolt on your front door in case it doesn’t have one, so you maximize security.

2. You’ll need to update Your Mail/Contact Address

Nothing can be more daunting than missing your mails for a few weeks or months, especially if you are regularly receiving crucial documents via mail. When moving, however, your physical address will obviously change, unless, of course, you’re just changing apartments or moving to a different house in a tiny neighborhood. This makes it important that before you even start packing, you consider updating your address details. Of course, P.O. boxes may remain the same, but as for USPS addresses, failing to provide your new address could see you miss crucial mails, packages, and letters for a considerable duration of time.

You can simply do this by visiting the USPS website and forward your mail to the new address. There, you will also update your payment information, such that your credit card and subscription accounts will be linked to your new address. It’s a simple process that takes less than 20 minutes and only costs you a dollar.

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3. Interior Décor: Does It Satisfy You?

It’s not unusual to find a new house that you like, but something about its interior décor is just off. Maybe you don’t like the carpet flooring installed or perhaps you think that the living room walls need repainting to suit your décor tastes and preferences. Perhaps you need the closet doors redone, new light fixtures to be installed, or features such as curtain/drape rails are missing. These are all things that you’ll be better off inspecting in advance so that you get them fixed before moving in. According to Big Save from the site https://www.bigsave.co.nz/, if you want to create a complete new look for your new house and leave old things aside, you can invest in new furniture that will not only complement the custom look you want to create for your new home, but furniture that will also stand the test of time without breaking the bank. From couches to dining tables and chairs, beds, and outdoor units, furniture is the heart of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functionality in your home.

4. You Need Cash Before, During, and After Moving

Moving comes with quite a number of expenses, some of them unforeseeable. From paying your moving company to buying certain supplies, tipping your moving helpers, all these require you to plan well and have a considerable amount of money before, during, and after the entire process. While you may pay for most of these expenses cashless, it is not unusual to get into a circumstance where debit and credit cards are not accepted. It pays to have cash on you to avoid embarrassments and inconveniences.

5. Utility Transfer

Water, electricity, gas, and internet; these are also other things you’ll need to think about before moving. In other words, transferring utilities is an important thing to consider before you move. Are these things already set in the new house that you’re moving to? Either way, it is important to inform your current utility service providers before moving for transfer or disconnection. You may also need your security provider to come and install a security system in your new home. All these are utilities that you can barely do without and planning early on a transfer will do you more than good.

6. The Measurements of Your New Home

The eye can be deceiving and you might be shocked that your current possessions won’t fit in your new house when the movers actually start bringing them in. Some items such as furniture pieces could be too big such that they can’t get into your new home without being dismantled or sustaining significant damage. But there’s a high likelihood that you have items you’d rather hold on to as opposed to donating them to charity or selling them off. For this reason, taking the measurements of your new home and comparing them with those of your old apartment is paramount. This will give you an idea of what possessions will comfortably fit into your new house and what you must ditch or store away. It will also give you adequate time to look for a self- storage unit for items that you’re not ready to toss.

7. Pets Are Not Baggage

If you own a canine or feline friend, it’s important to remember that these are living creatures that need more care than your most fragile possessions when moving. They can get terrified, frightened, and frustrated by the entire moving experience. Treat them with extra care by providing them with essentials such as food, blankets, litter boxes, and treats during and shortly after your move. Check on their well being periodically and when you get to your new house, be sure to keep them in a separate room with less commotion and noise that comes with unpacking.

8. Housewarming Party

It may sound traditional, but housewarming parties provide several benefits after moving. For starters, it allows you to let your friends and family know your new home/house. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends in your neighborhood as you know your new neighbors. Your guests can also come with an array of gifts that will help furnish your new house. Additionally, it’s a party, and parties are fun. However, you’ll want to make sure you plan the event early in advance before moving; because the first few days after moving is the best time to throw one.
8 Important Things to Know When Moving Into Your New House

Moving can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re not well prepared. There’s a lot to consider, not forgetting that the expenses can be overly draining to your pocket. With proper preparation, however, moving into your new home can be a seamless and less daunting experience. Luckily, the pointers above can help make it even more fun.

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