7 common mistakes that people make when grooming their dogs?

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Nobody is perfect. It’s great and right to admit it because there is a whole another level that you can take your knowledge and skills to, if you understand it. When it comes to dog grooming, you have to put your own interests in the background and genuinely focus on your pet. That is hard to do. But there are many more nuances and intricacies involved for example using the wrong dog shampoo or other products. People either don’t know about them or pay too little attention to those details which forces them to do something bad or wrong when grooming their pet.

7 common mistakes that people make when grooming their dogs

We’re here to help you avoid that. Without further ado, 7 common mistakes that people make when doing dog grooming.

1.   Doing too much

Yes, it’s normal to be tired from grooming, give yourself some rest and visit the SPA or the puppy barbershop, if needed. When you are doing grooming tired, it reduces precision, accuracy and shortens your attention span. These are the times when you’re most prone to making a mistake. In short – don’t groom the dog if you’re too tired.

2.   Not cleaning the ears often enough

Do you know how good of a listener your pet is? That’s because they can hear a wider variety of frequencies and pick-up sounds 3-4 times better than us. This is why it’s important to clean their ears. If a dog gets an ear infection, it’s super terrible regardless, but in this case, hearing loss or pain in that area strips them of so much joy. The recommendation is to clean their ears twice a week or 2x per 10 days. Please note that you should not use baby wipes to clean your dog’s ears. It may cause irritation or rashes. To prevent your dog from feeling uncomfortable, use these specially formulated dog ear wipes that are made from 100% hypoallergenic ingredients.

3.   Leaving the nails too long

You need to know how to trim severely overgrown dog nails. However, it shouldn’t come to a situation where the nails can be labelled as ‘severely overgrown’. Nail trimming is an area that dog people commonly overlook. There is a widespread misconception that long nails aren’t an issue or something that should be worth paying attention to. However, if the nails can’t fully retract and get covered within the paw, it hurts the pet and damages surfaces. Trim the nails every 2-3 weeks.

4.   Not brushing

Brushing is a thing that seems to have little importance to a lot of pet parents. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. When you brush your dog’s hair, you remove the tangles as well as deal with any dead hair that might be left on the coat. It’s healthy, necessary and helps the dog maintain good hygiene. Depending on the coat and shed-level, brush accordingly.

7 common mistakes that people make when grooming their dogs - fan

5.   Being forceful

Sometimes, the dog just isn’t pleased and doesn’t want to obey your wishes for grooming. They might need more persuasion, patience or comforting before they allow you to brush their teeth or trim their nails. Regardless of that, instead of trying to overcome this obstacle in the best way, a lot of owners choose to not waste any time and use physical superiority to do the job. It’s not effective in the long run and only makes the dog scared of you. Avoid using physical force unless you are trying to help a vet do a check-up, etc.

6.   Avoiding the ‘Dirty’ stuff

Yes, we know that looking and examining your dog’s excrement isn’t the most exciting thing to do. Yes, we know that smelling their breath also isn’t at the top of the list. However, you must do all that to keep tabs on your pup’s health. The things we mentioned and similar examinations should be done once every two weeks to ensure that their health is in good order.

7.   Avoiding reading guides and asking for help

Remember the 1st common mistake? Well, this one is closely linked to it. If you try to find everything out, on the go, you risk making some nasty mistakes along the way. It’s okay to seek guidance, advice and information. You can click here and begin to expand your knowledge on dog grooming.

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