Plumbing Tool Bag Setup

Every plumber needs to have a bag to accommodate their tools. However, not every one of them understands the plumbing tool bag setup. If you have all the tools with you, it’s good. But, we’re sure you understand the difficulty of carrying all the tools. So, a good plumbing bag is essential to make your daily tasks manageable. But how do you set up your plumbing tool bag?

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup

Many plumbers buy large and unnecessary tools they won’t even use. If you are a new plumber or just starting your job as one, this article is for you! It contains all the essential tools every plumber uses frequently and how to keep them in your plumbing bag.

Essential tools to include in a plumbing bag


Pliers are the best hand tools not only for plumbers but for all professionals. Plumbing work requires a lot of loosening and tightening of bolts and stubborn nuts. So, pliers do a great job here. Most plumbers claim that they use pliers daily. You might need pliers of different types on your job. Make sure to choose pliers with adjustable heads to make your task easier. In general, we call the multi-groove pliers as ‘’channel locks’’.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - pliers

Press fitting systems

Press fitting systems are of great importance for plumbers due to their several benefits. Plumbers use press fittings for installing pipe systems. They are highly efficient and save a lot of time and labor for the plumbers. You won’t also need to shut down the pipe system for maintaining it. That is why new and professional plumbers highly acknowledge press fitting systems. While ensuring safety, they provide a lot of industrial benefits.

Tin snips

The tin snips are the perfect tool to add to your plumbing tool bag because you’ll be using them a lot. When cutting metal or sheets, the tin snips play a huge role and do the job perfectly for you. Plumbers use them for repairing pipes and for changing tub spouts. Many plumbers keep more than one tin snips in their tool bag because they use it more than once a day. So, how can you not take tin snips with you on your first day?

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - tin snips


Due to their multiple uses in almost every maintenance work, we cannot neglect the importance of wrenches for plumbing. The wrenches come in various shapes and sizes. All of them have different purposes. So, you might need several wrenches in your tool bag. First of all, you need an adjustable wrench. You can easily adjust the head to fit the pipe and tighten or loosen the nuts without using many tools. The pipe wrench is a heavier and larger tool. It is used for heavy-duty fixtures and pipe fittings. Plumbers often use two pipe wrenches at a time. While one wrench holds the pipe, the other rotates the nut or bolt. The basin wrench comes with a long shaft. It is designed to reach small and tight places easily while plumbing. Many plumbers use it for installing the sinks of kitchens and bathrooms.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - wrenches

Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a kind of power tool that every plumber should purchase. They don’t require power, but you will need to charge them regularly. Cordless drills work perfectly in several household items. Many plumbers also use it when installing dishwashers.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - cordless drill


You might be thinking that saws are carpenter’s tools. But, not always! Plumbers also need tools to cut pipes, bolts, nuts, and several other hard materials while working. In this case, a hacksaw will do the job. But, you need to be very careful with it. The sharp blades of a hacksaw can cut your fingers!

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - hacksaw

Pipe cutters

The pipe cutters are handy tools when it comes to cutting pipes. Their function is similar to the hacksaw. But, the pipe cutters are fast, sturdy, and give a neat finish. In some situations, pipe cutters might not be the right fit. In this case, you will have to use the hacksaw. So, having both tools is the best choice! If you don’t have enough space in your tool bag, you can keep one, depending on your work.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - pipe cutter


We all know that screwdrivers are used in almost every repair and construction work. So, don’t forget to add one or two to your plumbing tool bag as well! Screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes with different purposes. They are helpful when you need to tighten or loosen a screw in hard-to-reach places. As they are small tools, keeping several screwdrivers for different purposes will not take much space in the bag.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - screwdrivers

Safety tools

When you have all the tools mentioned above in your plumbing bag, make sure to keep some space for the safety essentials as well. The safety goggles will protect your eyes when inspecting dangerous things closely. As eyes are the first thing to protect, make sure to have goggles with you. Heat shields are highly recommended for plumbers who solder pipes regularly. The heat and fire can cause severe harm. If you frequently solder pipes, heat shields are an essential safety tool to include in your bag. Gloves also protect plumbers when working. They offer a better grip to perform the task efficiently. As plumbers inspect hard-to-reach places, wearing gloves will protect your hands.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - safety tools

How to setup tools in a plumbing bag?

When you have the right tools with you, you are good to go for work. But who will assemble the tools in the bag? Of course, you! First of all, start filling the outside pockets of your tool bag. The best idea is to include the tools you use the most. They can be pliers, screwdrivers, goggles, tin snips, and wrenches. They are small tools and can easily come in the outside pockets. Then, you can fill the remaining and heavier tools inside the bag. The setup may be different in your tool bag, depending on your preferred tools.

Plumbing Tool Bag Setup - setting up bag

Final words

A plumbing tool bag set up is no difficult task with our guide! These tools will help every new and professional plumber make the most use of them. So, you don’t have to waste your money on expensive and larger tools. If you think that your problem needs a professional plumber, you should look to get plumber in Singapore to fix the problem. Our guide will not leave you without any tool you won’t need on your job!

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