How to wash leather work gloves

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I have been a sorter for food production approx. two years and the most important experience that I have recognized was warming up your hands. That is the reason why I always wear gloves when working in a freezing room. In my opinion, I love using leather gloves because they can heat our hands better than other glove’s materials and have a tendency to last for a long time.

How to wash leather work gloves

However, to wash and care for leather gloves are a difficult problem with me. If I just clean the gloves with water or throw them in the washing machine, they can cause horrible issues including drying out, growth of mold or rot, chemical damage. So I was seeking some different ways to protect my products and I have found two best ways of how to wash leather work gloves just use basic items in your house. In this article, I’m glad to share you step to step by using household items are:

The first formula:

  • A toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • One and a half of a cup of liquid detergent.
  • Clothespins

This is the easiest way to wash the leather gloves and I think, these necessary materials of the formula are not difficult to find in your house. However, this tip is often used to wash the gloves do not contact too much petroleum jelly. Therefore, if you are a mechanic, you need another formula to remove oils on the product. Some components that you should prepare in this way including:

The second formula:

  • 200g of baking soda.
  • 200g of corn-starch.
  • Utensils
  • Towels
  • Spoon

After finishing of preparation, we can start to follow the first step that you want including:

The formula for washing leather gloves with little petroleum jelly:

Washing work gloves with little petroleum jelly

Step 1: Using the toothbrush to brush off dirt and grime

Taking medium toothpaste on the toothbrush and starting to wipe out the filth on the gloves. You should rub the product carefully to avoid the peeling of leather. Especially, make sure to wipe out entire dirt corners of work gloves and fingertips. Because most of the grime get collected in this section.

Step 2: Prepare the bucket with water and detergent

After wiping the gloves by the toothbrush, the next step is preparing the bucket filled with water. Add any liquid detergent that you have equipped in the bucket with one tablespoon of salt.

Step 3: Place the leather gloves in the soapy solution

Put your work gloves in the solution at least 10 – 15 minutes. Then, rub off dirt and the grime using your hands.

Step 4: Fill another bucket with cold water

When you have completely wiped out the leather gloves and removed entire hard stains, take out the product from the solution. Next, you need to fill another bucket with cold water and put your gloves in that to rinse off soapy solution.

Step 5: Squeeze and remove soapy solution completely

Squeeze the product gently in a downward movement to eliminate water and soapy solution. Then, put clothespins in the inner part of all fingertips of both the leather gloves to preserve the natural and original shape of the product.

Step 6: Hang the gloves outdoor to let it dry

When you finish step 5, then hang your gloves outside to get dry and remember taking out the clothespins from the entire fingers once the product gets dry.

How to wash leather work gloves - gloves

The formula for washing leather gloves with much oil:

This way can help you remove oils and odors on the leather gloves in the best way.

How to clean the work gloves with much oil

Step 1: Mix 200g of baking soda and 200g of corn-starch together in a bowl or vessel.

Step 2: Turn the leather glove lining over and put your product on top of a dried towel.

Step 3: Use a spoon to spread a mixture gently and evenly on the glove lining.

Step 4: Keep it stand for 1 hour, turn to the other lining and repeat consistently.

Step 5: Remove mixture and dirt by utensils.

These are two wonderful formulas to wash leather gloves. Besides removing the product from dirt and grime, we should take care of them carefully to prevent future injury or damage. I’m glad to provide some beneficial tips to protect your work gloves:

Tips to protect the texture of leather work gloves:

  • You can use warm water to achieve a high result when rubbing the gloves.
  • Do not hang your gloves to the sun for a long time.
  • Avoid contacting directly with heat.
  • Do not dry clean your leather gloves because this will damage your product.
  • Do not immerse the gloves completely in water to prevent the build-up of rot or mold.
  • Do not contact any corrosive chemicals while wearing the gloves.
  • Do not use any detergent that is not used for leather gloves.

In conclusion, there are still many ways to clean leather gloves with different materials. But two ways in this article are perfect to help you not only remove dirt and odors, but it also protects the leather texture of your product. I often use both formulas to keep my leather gloves far away from break. And please remember that, if your product is used over 40 times, they ought to be disinfected to maintain their overall durability and health.

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