Best Way to Clean Your Carpets And Make them Look Like New

Having a new carpet is a great feeling. At first, you’ll probably be wary about stepping into the room, after all, a new carpet has piles that stand straight up and a distinct aroma. They even make air fresheners to smell like a new carpet! However, as time passes you’ll get comfortable with your new carpet and use it regularly. This will lead to you needing to know how to clean it properly. Done right, it can look like new.

Best Way to Clean Your Carpets And Make them Look Like New

If you haven’t decided on your carpet yet you should take a few moments to look at carpet tiles, they can look and feel just as good as traditional carpet but, if damage occurs you can easily replace the relevant tiles. Cleaning carpets to restore their new look and feel is easier than you think.

Stage 1 – Vacuum

You need to vacuum your carpets regularly using the carpet feature of your vacuum cleaner. This ensures the piles are pulled gently upward, helping to keep the carpet soft and fluffy. At the same time, the suction of your vacuum will pull the debris out from deep in the carpet, maximizing dirt removal. This is important and a vacuum is much more effective than a brush. Dirt trapped in carpets moves every time you walk on it. This causes it to rub against the carpet fibers, prematurely aging, and weakening them. Remove the dirt and your carpet will last much longer.

Step 2 – Washing It

Vacuuming should be done 2-3 times a week to help eliminate debris and maintain the carpet. Washing the carpet can be done every couple of weeks. It’s important to verify which compounds are best to use with your particular carpet. The manufacturer’s website or the installer should be able to advise you regarding this. The secret to washing is to use as little water as possible. You can use a wet vacuum or do this by hand. Gently work your way across the carpet, starting in one corner and moving back and forth. The idea is to move with the piles and not in circular motions which will damage the piles.

Best Way to Clean Your Carpets And Make them Look Like New - vacuuming

Minimal water and detergent will ensure that any bacteria are killed without damaging the piles of the carpet or it’s backing. Ideally, you should wash the carpet in the morning and then allow the room to air for the day without being used. This will help it to dry properly and extend its lifespan. If you choose the aroma associated with your carpet detergent properly you can even restore the new carpet smell. Of course, there are plenty of other aroma options worth considering.

Bonus Tip

You should also note that the installation is critical to maintaining your carpets properly. The carpet should always be laid on a clean flooring with adequate insulation under it, or as part of it. This will prevent it from being damaged by uneven pressure as you walk on it or even lay on it.

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