Modern problems require modern solutions: easy-to-use sprays

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When it comes to problems you want to fix in your house, sprays can come in for multiple problems. HG is a manufacturer of sprays that cover a broad range of problems. Ranging from cleaning your microwave and oven to floors and windows. Sprays have become the standard in easy cleaning.

Modern problems require modern solutions easy-to-use sprays

How can you become a more efficient handyman by using these tools? We have listed a few options that will make your life easier!

Drain blocked?

We all know this problem. Having a blocked drain can have numerous reasons, but there is a simple solution to it. HG offers a liquid that you can pour into the drain. Next? Simply wait ten minutes before you flush with hot water. Your problem is solved afterwards! If not, HG is offering a stronger version if you are coping with a serious drain. These liquids do no harm to plastic pipes and are environmental friendly. They pose as a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative to the good-old plunger.

Cleaning the microwave and oven

This is where the real dirt builds up. When you use a microwave and oven frequently, you will notice the dirt building up. However, often people keep it as it is. With a simple spray, this becomes a no-brainer. You can spray the insides and wait for 15 minutes before wiping it clean with a towel. Next thing you know, there is a brand new microwave or oven at your disposal.

The same goes for floors

HG is also offering products that can clean your floor. No matter what floor type, ranging from wood to tiles and cement, there is an option for everyone. With the focus on user-friendliness, you can simply put on the product and afterwards clean it. This makes the life of a handyman a lot easier! You can now finish projects faster and spend time on the projects you do like to work on.

Modern problems require modern solutions easy-to-use sprays - floor

Ice formation in the freezer

The previous three examples are common handyman problems, but what about a less common problem? Ice formation in the freezer is not necessarily seen as a problem. You want to have your products cold, right? With ice formation your freezer needs to work harder to maintain a low temperature. Less ice thus means a more efficient and economic freezer.

Using a freezer defroster does the trick

With freezer defroster, this is done in mere minutes. You can spray it into the ice formation, wait for a bit and then take the ice off with a towel. When you do this regularly, you can extend the lifespan of the freezer and also make it more efficient. This leaves you with a happy freezer and wallet! The freezer defroster is available at an affordable price and can be used for over a dozen times.

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