How to keep your floors clean

If you are sick and tired of dirty floors, whether carpet or hard flooring, you might be interested in what we have to say. Keep reading for some simple tips and advice on how to keep your floors clean.

Vacuuming Your Floors – Carpeting

One of the best things to do to keep your floors clean is to vacuum on a daily basis. Now, you might not have the time for this, but doing so at least once every two or three days will ensure that you have fairly clean floors.

This is especially important if you have pets, kids, and live near a beach or out in the country. That dirt, dust, and sand can build up real quick. If you have lots of carpeting in your home, this is even more important.

Dirt gets imbedded in carpets real bad, which is especially true for shag carpets. If you need a good vacuum for shag carpets, check out this article about the best vacuums for shag carpets. At any rate, if you have lots of carpeting, look for a vacuum that is specially designed to handle them. Even more important is to look for a vacuum that can easily handle pet hair and larger objects.

Cleaning Your Floors – Hard Flooring

If you don’t have too much carpet in your home, cleaning the floors will be a lot easier. It always helps when you have smooth floors because you can mop them. Now, we do like to vacuum our floors, even if they are smooth hardwood, tile, or laminate floors. At home there are a bunch of pets, so they do create a lot of mess.

That being said, if you have less carpeting and more hard flooring, you might want to look into getting a vacuum that is meant for it. We do like vacuums that work for hard flooring and carpeting, but they are usually not the best. Sure, they do a fine job on both surfaces, but they don’t do an excellent job at cleaning either of them.

There are lots of vacuums out there that are combinations of mops and vacuums. Mop vacuums are very convenient to say the least. These things allow you to fill them with water and detergent, thus scrubbing and cleaning your floors, while also having a suction function just like vacuums. It’s a great all in one hard floor cleaning tool. Instead of having to vacuum and then mop, these things can do both at once.

How to keep your floors clean - mop vacuum

Consider A Wet Dry Vacuum

If you are in a place that gets messy real quick, you might want to consider getting yourself a wet dry vac. Now, these things are usually meant for people who work in shops, such as woodworking shops. They do not actually mop floors, but they can suck up both wet and dry debris.

If you have kids, pets, and messy people in your home, a wet dry vac is definitely convenient. For example, you can suck up a whole giant bowl of spilt cereal with them, milk, cereal, spoon, and all. Ok, so you might not want to suck up the spoon, but wet dry vacs are really awesome none the less.

How to keep your floors clean - wet and dry vacuum

Other Floor Cleaning Tips

  • It always helps to have a floor mat by entrances. Even if people don’t take their shoes off, at least they can wipe their feet off before tracking dirt all over your floors.
  • Try to keep windows and doors closed, especially if you live in a dry and dusty climate, or live near some kind of beach. This will help keep sand and dirt out of your home.
  • Don’t only vacuum or mop your floors once per week. Letting dirt build up will only make the job harder.


When it comes to how to keep your floors clean, the best advice we can give you is to clean regularly and use the tools that are best suited for the job. Don’t wait forever to clean!

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