The Best Home Goods Deals for New Homeowners   

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Moving to a new home entails a lot of things, one of them being that you have to buy new furniture to fill your house with. This can get quickly expensive, however, there are things you can do to bring down the costs.

The Best Home Goods Deals for New Homeowners

Here’s how new homeowners can get the best home goods deals.

Consider secondhand

There are plenty of wonderful options for furniture in the secondhand market. Most of these items are still in great condition, just that the owner wants to get rid of it. They come at a fraction of a price for a new piece of furniture, and sometimes, you might even end up with a really good bargain. Visit the nearest thrift shops in your area and look around at flea markets as well. There are also a lot of secondhand furniture available online. Just look through places like Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace. The great thing about secondhand is that the prices are rarely fixed and you can still negotiate for an even lower price.

Keep an eye out for sales

Furniture stores will often hold sales that allow you to get items at a discounted price. If you’re eyeing a specific item, subscribe to the email list of the store that sells it so you are notified right away when there is a sale. Patience is really important here. If you’re able to wait, you can find the best deals on furniture throughout the year.

Get the right size

Buying the wrong-sized furniture is a mistake homeowners make too often. It’s easy to get carried away by the beautiful photos and display. But just because it looks good in the showroom, doesn’t mean it’s going to look the same in your living room too. You always have to consider the size of your space because a furniture that’s too big or too small will look out of place. Before you go out furniture shopping, take measurements of the area where you plan to put it. For example, if you’re buying a bed frame, consider the size of your mattress first. There are plenty of apps nowadays that allow you to make room layouts with specific measurements so you have a good idea how a certain piece of furniture will fit. Take advantage of these so you don’t end up wasting money on the wrong furniture.

Buy through an interior designer

The best interior designers have partnerships with furniture stores where they enjoy discounts for regularly buying from them. If you are hiring an interior designer for your home, ask if they can get a good deal for you. Not only will you be getting great recommendations for furniture, you’ll also get it at a discounted price.

The Best Home Goods Deals for New Homeowners - used bedroom

Use price matching

A number of stores may be selling the same exact furniture that you want. This is a great opportunity for you to price match. Take note of the prices between the competing stores, find the lowest one and show it to the seller where you want to buy your furniture from.

Negotiate lower prices

Aside from price matching, you can negotiate a lower price for the furniture that you want. Avoid the chain stores and go to independent furniture stores as they tend to be more flexible with their items. You might even get the best deal if you plan to buy multiple items from them.

Visit out-of-business sales

These are retailers that are just trying to clear out their inventory before they shut down their business for good. See if there’s any that are in your area and wait until their last weeks of operation for the best deals. Sure, the selection will be limited but you’ll end up saving a lot of money.

What has been the best home deal you have gotten when you moved houses? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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