Options for Matching Your Garage and Front Entry Doors

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Your curb appeal is the most crucial element that determines the value of your property to guests and when need be, lenders and potential buyers. Property owners will spend considerable monetary amounts in the right landscaping plants and elements to boost their curb appeal. They nonetheless forget an essential part of their property’s look that can be transformed without leaving a dent in their bank accounts and significantly enhance their front yard’s appeal.

Options for Matching Your Garage and Front Entry Doors

This is the matching of their Utah property’s front entry and garage doors. These two elements occupy a significant portion of your front yard and with the right choices can help you generate your desired overall look. Here are the options for matching your front entry and garage doors to boost the look of your curb.

Pick Similar Door Styles

The simplest choice for matching your garage and front doors is by choosing the same style for both of them. This will give you a unified look that makes your property inviting and comfortable. The available garage door styles include carriage-style, raised panel, side-hinged, tilt, and sectional styles. Thankfully, front door opening styles have seen various changes recently. You can thus guarantee that you will find a front door opening style that matches your garage door’s. Alternatively, you can choose to match some of the style elements on both doors, including the hardware and patterns.

Choose Styles that Complement Your Landscape

When considering the best way to match your garage and entry doors, evaluate the styles, hardware, and colors of your landscape and the neighborhood. You would not want to settle for a style that will clash with your overall decor and that of your locality. A bright coral color for your doors will, for instance, match properties in coastal locations while bold colors suffice for the countryside. Try envisioning how the styles of your doors will match the landscaping elements you labor to pick and your area’s climate.

Options for Matching Your Garage and Front Entry Doors - garage door

Pick Styles That Will Contrast Each Other

You need not settle for the same styles for your garage and entry doors. At times, you can have a unique look for your property by picking contrasting door styles. If you opt for this alternative, you should ensure that the style you choose matches your windows or the colors for both doors are the same to generate cohesion. Picking the same materials and colors for the styles of both doors will also exude unity.

Match the Doors to Your Property’s Architectural Style

You can get both the garage and entry doors in styles that will match your property’s architecture. Older properties like the ones inspired by European history, for instance, feature rounded doors. Traditional properties, on the other hand, like the craftsman and colonial ones work with rustic colors.

Matching your garage and entry doors might seem like an easy thing that does not need an expert’s input. You will, however, need an expert to install the doors to guarantee they work as smoothly as they should and have a positive impact on your curb’s look. With the above guidelines and an expert, your garage and entry doors will become aesthetic elements in your property without compromising your security.

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