5 Water Damage Repair Tips for Your Home

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If you have water damage in your home, fixing the problem and cleaning up the mess is important. Here’s some helpful water damage repair tips. Are you in the middle of dealing with a water disaster? Make sure you know what to do before trying to get things clean and repair any damage.

5 Water Damage Repair Tips for Your Home

You think it will never happen to you, but water damage is more common than you would think. In fact, water damage is of of the most common reasons for someone to file a homeowners insurance claim. But not all water damage is the same, so you need to know about how to deal with each issue if you want to fix things the right way. Follow the water damage repair tips below to clean up the mess.

Know the Types of Water

Before you clean out your water, you need to understand what type of water it is. When we’re talking about water in your home, there are three types. You can find clean water, grey water, or black water. Clean water is safe to clean up without any problems. When you move to grey or black water, you need to be more careful. It has the possibility of containing contaminants, so you need to take the proper safety precautions when cleaning up. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning out grey and black water, consider hiring a water damage company to come in and solve your problem.

Dry Out the Problem Area

You can’t just clean up the standing water and be done. You need to dry out the area of your home that flooded if you want to prevent more damage from being done. When furniture and carpet are wet, it can take a long time to dry. If you wait too long, it can ruin things, which means you’re going to have to start replacing parts of your home. You can rent large fans for this problem. Leave them on affected areas until they are completely dry.

Check for Mold

It doesn’t take long for mold to grow. It can form in as little as 24 hours. Small mold issues can be cut out. But if it’s a more severe problem, you will need to call a professional.

Disinfect Affected Areas

Once the water is gone, you need to make sure the problem areas are clean. If you were flooded with grey or black water, your furniture and carpet could still have the bacteria that was in the water on them. Either buy commercial disinfectant or come up with a home solution. Treat the entire area, so no bacteria is left.

Check for Ceiling Damage

If you have water damage on an upper level of your home or your roof, make sure your ceilings are intact. Water damage can cause them to sag, which is a severe health risk. If damage has been done, it may be a reason to tear it out and have a professional repair it. If you suspect that you have water in your ceiling and you live in Sand Diego area then you must find the most reputable professional for leak detection in San Diego.

Put These Water Damage Repair Tips Into Action

Water damage is a severe problem. It doesn’t only create short-term issues, but can lead to more problems in the future. Use the water damage repair tips above to get your home clean the right way. Do you have more repair jobs to do after cleaning up your water damage? Head back to our blog for more projects and repair tips that will help your home.

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