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Nowadays, people are interested in many different things. New postmodern culture, full of fuss and hurry, provides people with the opportunity to be involved in all kinds of activities: starting from knitting and ending up with some ancient traditional fighting art founded in some province in China. Among this wide range of opportunities more and more people nowadays choose to vape. Almost everyone knows about vaping. It is quite a new activity for people around the globe, even though the beginning of its popularity goes back to 2006 when it was introduced to the European and American markets for the first time. Vaping devices were not sold like hot cakes from the very start of its history. However, as some time has passed, we can claim that they have won people’s hearts.


Even though vaping devices are popular, sometimes people do complain about some aspects of their usage. For sure, there is no sense to discuss the pros and cons of the older generation of vapes, but there is one common feature for both cig-a-likes and vape mods. This common feature is the smell that is left everywhere – on the clothes, in the air, at the furniture – after vaping.

Is the smell a problem?

At many offices or shopping and entertainment complexes, there exists a specially designed space for those who use the best box mods (informative review) and cigarettes. People can use either a separate smoking room, or there can be a place where all the smokers and vapers gather. It usually helps to avoid conflicts. The problem with vaping appears when a person who vapes lives with people, who cannot stand vaping smell in a house. There could be some reasons for not liking the smell.

Firstly, a person may not be eager to become a second-hand vaper or smoker, which is reasoned by health issues. Secondly, some people may have a distinct lack of tolerance for some substances connected to physical or mental health. Thirdly, it is evident that all the people want to have a clean and neat home with no harsh smells of tobacco, marijuana, or whatever is being smoked or vaped.

Getting rid of the smell: efficient methods

In case, you have not been using your cigars and the best vape mod for clouds in a flat for decades, and the scent is not too harsh, you can try the following pieces of advice:

  1. Dispose of the evidence. It sounds strange, but it works. All the possible reminders of vaping or smoking, which are ashtrays, old vape tanks, cigarette butts, and so on, can still have some smell and share it with the air. Throwing them away (or at least stored in a special drawer) can help with the smell.
  2. Be open to this world. Drafts are your best friends at this point. Open all the doors and windows in the house. Let the currents of air do their part. Drafting can help not only to let the fresh air in but also to make away with the smell.
  3. Odor the rooms. Drafts are quite useful for the new scents; for the old ones, you will need some additional help. Using air fresher can help to hide the smoking and vaping odors for some time. Try spraying it onto the walls and surfaces, but only if you are sure that you like the smell of air fresher.
  4. Add some romance. Incense and scented candles can help a lot. They mask the unpleasant odor and create an additional relaxing atmosphere. The air purifier usage is also a good idea in this case.


In case you have a strong smell in your house, it is better to take some more serious steps in cleaning your home. The old smells tend to penetrate the surfaces such as furniture, walls, upholstery, or draperies.

  1. A big washing! Start with putting off all the curtains, remove linen, change all the towels, and other cloth that is always in the room. You may also do a wet cleaning to the sofa or other cushioned furniture. Do not forget the fabric refresher!
  2. Use more steam! Now it is not about the best vape mods, but about your vacuum cleaner. It is better to steam all the carpets and other stuff while cleaning; this will help to get rid of the microelements of the unpleasant smell.
  3. Be thorough! Full-scale cleaning needs even more effort than you can imagine. Washing the floor, windows, and curtains is not enough, because the significant surface in your flat is the wall. In case you have washable wallpaper, it would be an easy task. However, in other cases, you will have to take pains. The experts recommend Trisodium phosphate (TSP) usage.

Sometimes, if you do not have enough time for a significant cleaning, but the smell is persistent and does not want to leave your house, you may do several other manipulations for improving the situation.

  1. Replace the heating elements. As light bulbs are being heated while working, the smell tends to coat the lamps, so it is better to throw them away.
  2. A domestic Superman! Bicarbonate of Soda is known for its cleaning properties. Therefore, it is high time to say that it helps not only to clean the burnt pan but also to make your house smell fresher.
  3. A domestic Batman! Talking about local superheroes, we cannot help mentioning the vinegar. Just make the towel wet with vinegar, wring it, and wave it around the house. Vinegar will absorb the unpleasant smell of your best box mod vape. However, the problem is that the house needs airing after the use of vinegar.

To sum up, the use of any method can help to slightly better the situation, but the best and the most efficient in cleaning the house. To avoid having such problem, it is better to use your best box mod or cigarette out of the house, or at least on the balcony.

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