8 Reasons Your Windows Need Steel

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In the building industry, you will find various types of materials used in windows. However, steel is the best material. If you pick any industrial magazine, you can see that steel is now widespread. Compared to other building materials, steel is not only clean and sleek looking but also secure. For instance, it is three times stronger than aluminum. Steel allows windows to hold a higher load such as thick insulated glass.

8 Reasons Your Windows Need Steel

The versatility properties of steel enable its use in both traditional and contemporary building designs. Whether you are building a private home or commercial premises, here are eight reasons your windows need steel.


Steel is a sturdy metal that can support large continuous floor-to-ceiling windows with thicker glass panes. The strength allows the use of extreme glass lights while maintaining narrow sightlines. Additionally, the hardware fastened to steel windows will not pull out, and the ventilation will not rack.


Any contractor who has ever experienced delays due to racks and broken windows can appreciate the problem-free installation of steel windows. Steel windows arrive at the job site without any defects that are often found in other building materials. The installation is also economical, and the steel will add a certain level of integrity to the entire structure.

Historic Replacement

Due to the flexibility, life cycle and durability of steel windows, most builders prefer using steel in their renovation projects. You can replace original steel windows with units that match historically and still maintain an art of state finishing. You can also select steel to replace wood windows to improve sightlines and extend durability.

Narrow Sightlines

When it comes to steel windows, no other quality is readily accepted than narrow sightlines. Over the years, architects have included this attribute to every building, and the outcome is always graceful. You cannot duplicate the aesthetic benefits of steel with either wood or aluminum. The look of steel on windows is both distinctive and unique.

8 reasons your windows need steel - sliding doors

Factory Finishes

Modern technology has enabled manufacturers to pretreat steel producing a metal that requires little to no maintenance. Producers can now provide a metal that is galvanized, electro-coated, corrosion-free, and many more. The factory finishes are not only beautiful but also durable.

Fire Rating

Manufacturers of steel windows offer fire rated products. However, the fire rated windows are not confined to one design. You can contact an individual manufacturer to fabricate them in the design of your choosing.

Classic Hardware

Since the hardware option does not depend on the nature of the window material, steel accepts any style and hardware. If you attach any hardware to steel, it will not tear or loosen even under heavy use.

Special Application

Another reason to use steel in your windows is that you can design the windows to meet any requirement. Steel is a blast and impact resistant metal. The strength and durability associated with steel making it ideal for such particular building applications.

With these benefits, you can now feel comfortable to order any steel framed glass windows.

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