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Art posters are increasingly becoming popular in the art industry and interior decor. They enhance the aesthetics of any home while saving cost.  An art poster can be kept in pristine condition by enclosing it in a frame. In getting the best design for a home when working with posters, it is important to select them based on the theme and mood of the room, your personality and decorating style, and the ambience you choose to create.


Having found the right poster that meets these criteria, the following can be considered to set it up according to the standards of interior decor:


If you intend designing your home interior with a collection of posters with the same size, then consider arranging them symmetrically. You can select the best layout based on the size of the poster, wall, and the number of posters. In a situation where you have a collection with an even number of artworks (4, 6, 8), you can design a square or rectangular grid pattern. The posters must be at least 1 inch, and at most, 6 inches from one another. It should have a centre which measures 60 to 66 inches from the ground.

For poster collections with odd numbers (3, 5, 7), you can arrange them in a horizontal form if the wall is very wide. Otherwise, they should be arranged vertically for a wall with a narrow width. A collection with 2 posters should be placed side-by-side, except the wall is narrow.


For posters with different sizes, they can be arranged asymmetrically. You can give your home a dynamic look by combining posters with varying sizes and orientations (vertical and horizontal). A gallery can be created with the combination of art pieces and photos, after which, one or two posters would serve as an anchor.



In this category, you will need the following: a pencil, tape measure, painter’s tape, roll of craft paper, picture hangers (with nail), level, and hammer. To begin with, the area of the wall intended for design must be measured. You can have the wall represented by taping a few rolls of craft paper to the wall area. The taped paper should be placed on the floor. Have your posters laid out on the floor. Select your focal point – this can be two large posters placed in the middle of the paper. Small- and medium-sized posters can be added to both sides of the large posters, filling them up in a well-arranged pattern. Each side of the centre should have the same visual weight to create a balanced display. Having been satisfied with the arrangement, use a pencil to create traces around the frames. You can take pictures of the design for later reference.

The distance between the poster frame top and the hanging item on the back should be measured. You can find out the position of the picture hanger nail, by drawing wire in the middle to create an impression of the frame being hung to a hook, and then mark the spot.

Finally, the craft paper template can be hung to the wall using a painter’s tape. On the marked spot of the paper, drive-in hanger nails with a hammer. Take off the paper from the nails and remove the tape. You can then hang the posters and other art frames using the picture that was taken earlier as a reference. Portrait posters have become more and more popular. One E-commerce store selling portrait arts is ArtFrill.

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