Simple kitchen storage optimization ideas with above-the-sink shelves

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Every small or large house craves additional storage space to maintain a neat look. It is especially relevant for a small kitchen, where a lack of proper cabinets or shelves affects daily cooking and cleaning activities and aesthetics. Sometimes designing errors lead to such situations, and sometimes one has to compromise due to limited wall area or the position of the windows. Fortunately, new creative storage ideas consider all the scenarios to offer a working solution in this context. If you are not aware, look for above-the-sink shelves once.

Simple kitchen storage optimization ideas with above-the-sink shelves

The easy and affordable storage designs can even fit into a cramped kitchen corner to help organize your daily use items and avoid cluttering. Since sink areas tend to be most vulnerable to crowding, adding an over-the-counter shelf can be a brilliant hack to fight common storage problems. Whether you need to dry the rinsed dishes or store tools within easy reach, you can rely on over-the-sink racks to serve you peacefully. You don’t have to keep your wet utensils on the sides of the sink to drain out extra water before removing them. Instead, you can wash and store them on the rack to dry.

However, you have to pick your design carefully to take full advantage of it. More precisely, find the right fit for your sink and counter based on the size. Then, the rack should offer enough storage capacity for your need. Another consideration is the material, which can be stainless steel, pine, etc. Since you get many variations, it will be helpful to explore them to understand what might suit your space and requirement. Here is a quick glimpse into some of the models.

Common types of over-the-sink shelf

Stainless steel dish racks with two tiers

If you want a versatile design, over the kitchen sink shelf with two racks can be perfect. You can use two shelves as the drying space for small and oversized utensils. Some people put potted plants on them to add a touch of greenery and fresh energy to the room. Plus, some racks can feature special carriers for soaps, knives, and spoons. Make sure it is safe from rust, mold, fading, and other issues, though.

Expandable dish racks

You don’t have to worry about the size when you get an expandable variety in this. It can expand or shrink to fit your place. The typical freestanding models can store anything from plates, bowls, plants, etc. Some racks boast pull-out drawers, where you can keep your hand towels, napkins, or other things. No matter how you use it, the shelf in its attractive yet straightforward details can enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics and performance hassle-free. You don’t have to create a special room for it. The sleek legs can adjust comfortably on the counter without demanding more space, which can be a massive bonus for a small kitchen mainly.

Pine dish racks

Almost every kitchen follows an interior theme. Your cooking zone will also have one, such as modern, contemporary, traditional, classic, etc. With this, you may have specific preferences. For example, you can be fond of natural elements. Hence, you look for such materials to equip your house. In that case, pine shelves can be your go-to choice. But this type of shelf design usually works for accessory storage and not so much for dishes. Still, you can find it satisfying and suitable for your basic requirements.

Simple kitchen storage optimization ideas with above-the-sink shelves - shelves

Things to consider

Before buying anything, there has to be clarity about your expectations. If you require an additional dish drying station, you must search for an above-the-sink rack with two tiers. If you get an adjustable function, it can be even better. You can organize your dishes, bowls, utensil holders, and other items more freely. However, like others, you can be more interested in infusing an organic feel in your kitchen while expanding the storage area a little. In such a scenario, your focus can be on the material. Since nothing can beat the wood base in this area, going with a pine multi-use shelf seems to be a natural choice.

Nowadays, kitchen organizers come in different colors to allow you to mix and match your décor theme. Things can go visually awry if you fail to select an appropriate shade for your rack. Suppose your kitchen basks in soft pastel shades all over. Suddenly a black-colored shelf in the sink area can feel like an eyesore. Hence, it is essential not to make such mistakes.

Above-the-sink shelves are one of the most cost-effective storage solutions for all types of kitchens. You don’t have to bother about budget because many models come at a decent price point. Yet, it will be better to know how much you are ready to spend on this single feature to do away with any confusion or disappointment. At the same time, you cannot ignore their size and style while deciding between different options.

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