Showcase Your Home with Floating Wall Shelves

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How to Expand Your Storage and Fully Utilize Your Space

Never underestimate the power of a floating wall shelf. Whether you have a sprawling seven-bedroom mansion or a 500 square-foot studio apartment, floating wall shelves are an excellent way to fully utilize your space and keep your items and décor in order. So, what exactly is a floating wall shelf? As you probably gathered by the name, this is a low-profile shelf that is completely anchored by brackets that are installed into the wall for support. Since the brackets are hidden from view, this makes the shelf appear as if it’s floating. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Showcase Your Home with Floating Wall Shelves

The Best Places to Use Floating Wall Shelves

You’re probably wondering where the best places are in your home to use floating wall shelves. That’s the beauty of floating wall shelves – you can install them literally anywhere in the home where you need more shelf space. Here are some of the top ideas for your floating wall shelf installation spots.

Photo Showcase

Want to display your framed photos in a more dynamic way? Install a floating wall shelf anywhere in the home where you want to showcase those family photos using frames of all sizes and shapes. This makes rotating them out incredibly easy when new memories are set to go up.

The Mini Library

Books are heavy and take up plenty of space, which is why floating wall shelves are the perfect solution to store all those cookbooks, novels, and photo albums you have scattered throughout the house. Stack a few floating wall shelves on top of each other to create a floating mini library.

Cooking Supplies

People who live in small apartments with little to no storage know the challenges of finding a place to put their crockpot, Air Fryer, and cookware. Some items we use on a daily basis to cook. Others sit idle for weeks or months before you need to use them. That’s why floating wall shelves are the ideal solution for stowing away items that are heavy or bulky.

Bathroom Shelving

We’ve all had to deal with bathrooms before that offered very little in the counterspace department. If there’s no space for your cosmetics, medications, and dental supplies, it can make getting ready in the morning a challenge. Yet again, floating wall shelves come to the rescue. You can store the majority of your toiletries and other supplies within reach so they’re conveniently nearby for when you need them.

Showcase Your Home with Floating Wall Shelves - curved floating shelves

Garage Storage

The garage is where many items get stored that aren’t important until you absolutely need them. Floating wall shelves are perfect for storing tools, lightbulbs, batteries, and cleaners so everything stays organized. Or perhaps you have a large item that you want to keep off the ground. Your leaf blower or weed whacker can go up on the floating shelf, too.

TV and Entertainment Shelf

Need a modern way to keep your TV, cable box, and video game system off the floor? Floating shelves elevate the appearance of your electronics while also giving you a place to store all your remotes and controllers when they’re not in use.

Heavy Hitters

Did you know that some floating wall shelves can handle up to 70 pounds of weight? This makes it the ideal storage solution for those items that are either bulky or heavy. If you have seasonal items like ski gear or camping supplies, you can use your floating wall shelves to keep them off the floor and nicely stored.

Ready to Get Your Floating Wall Shelves Installed? Here Are Your Next Steps

Now that you have a few great ideas on how to utilize floating wall shelves in your home or apartment, the next step is to get some installed so that you can start taking advantage of this modern storage solution. Since floating shelves are a popular item among homeowners these days, finding them in your local area should be a cinch. You can kick off your search by Googling the term “floating shelves near me” or “floating wall storage solutions.” That will return several home décor stores that sell the product. From there, you can narrow down your floating wall shelves by material and dimensions.

If you’re not particularly handy, it might be a good idea to hire someone who can install the floating wall shelves for you. This ensures they stay right where they’re supposed to without putting your photos and personal items in jeopardy of falling. Once you have them up, you’ll be able to enjoy all the practical and aesthetic benefits that floating wall shelves have to offer.

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