The Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends

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In a world where kitchen remodeling design is ever-changing, here are the top 10 kitchen design trends based on research from various sources.

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1. Transparency

For kitchens to feel more open and welcoming, transparency is becoming a key element in many kitchens around the world. Whether its pendant lights or cabinet fronts with shelves turned into doors, there will be an increasing amount of clarity in this space. While some might consider clear appliances tacky, there is no denying that they add a new dynamic to the room while also creating more practicality than their predecessors. Transparency allows natural light to illuminate the entire room and create a more open atmosphere.

2. Refined

As technology continues to change the way that we live, new inventions are coming out each day.  One of these inventions is 3D printing which has become common in many homes today. Because of this, kitchen design has taken on a more three-dimensional style rather than sticking with the flat surfaces and sharp angles that have existed for so long. The designs focus more on curves and natural elements making them more comfortable to be around while also appearing more open.

3. Storage

Storage will always be an important element in kitchens, but it is becoming even more integral as time goes on. As people move into smaller homes or apartments where they may not have enough space for their belongings, they often need to find a way to fit them into their kitchen. The result has been innovative storage solutions where people are using recessed shelving, pull-out baskets, and wall drawers to store all of their food without sacrificing too much floor space.

4. Energy

With most appliances being powered by electricity or natural gas, they consume a lot of energy.  Although most appliances can turn off when not being used, many people do not utilize this feature which can be extremely wasteful. To combat this problem, more appliances are being manufactured with sleep timers so that they will turn off after several hours of not being in use. Another aspect of this is hand-held cloud-connected devices that are being created to help save energy.

5. Durability

One of the biggest problems for kitchen remodeling experts has always been durability because kitchens see so much use daily. When appliances are used several times per day, they tend to get damaged more quickly than other rooms in the house due to high volume usage. Because of this, many manufacturers have upped their game when it comes to creating appliances that can stand up against heavy usage which means that homeowners will no longer need to worry about replacing these items as often as they used to.

6. Technology

As technology continues to advance at an exponential pace, kitchen designers are finding ways for people to integrate new gadgets into their homes without compromising their kitchen design. For example, it is becoming much more common for people to have a touch-screen stove where they can control the heat and other aspects of cooking with just their hands [6]. This allows people to control appliances without having to physically touch them which can prevent germs from entering the kitchen.

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7. Comfort

With living spaces becoming smaller, comfort has become increasingly important in kitchens; especially as chefs put hours into cooking each day. The result has been an increased demand for countertops that are not only easy on the eyes but also provide a comfortable experience when working with food. Additionally, there is an increased use of ergonomic stools and chairs which help people feel safe and comfortable while using their kitchens.

8. Personalization

As people become more interested in their kitchen spaces, they are beginning to see them as extensions of themselves which allows them to personalize the design. For example, there is an increase in the use of textiles including vinyl flooring and wallpaper that features hand-painted murals or other unique designs. This has allowed homeowners to express their personalities through their kitchens rather than just buying furniture that matches.

9. Space

The most important part of any kitchen is the space that it provides for food preparation, cooking, and storage; especially when entertaining guests.  Because parties often involve many people standing around a small area at one time, having enough room can make the experience much more enjoyable. Many modern kitchen designs are creating this space by either adding raised countertops or taking away appliances to make it easier for people to move around.

10. Visual Appeal

As homeowners become more invested in their kitchens, they are beginning to pay more attention to the ways that appliances and other kitchen elements affect the overall look of the room. To accommodate this desire with a modern touch, kitchen designers have been coming up with new ideas for countertops including recycled glass and marble-like products that improve the overall look of a home’s kitchen

Do You Need Assistance from Kitchen Remodeling Companies?

Kitchen remodel contractors do much more than just install new appliances; they also make sure that any existing appliances are in good condition, provide countertops that fit the homeowner’s needs, and even help with design if desired. Kitchen designers tend to be very well versed in kitchen trends which can help them ensure that homeowners will enjoy their purchase for years to come.

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Why Go for Remodeling Trends?

There is no question that a good kitchen remodel remains one of the most popular home improvement choices in America which means there is always an increasing demand for ideas and designs when it comes to making homes more livable. The top 10 kitchen design trends for 2021 illustrate what people can expect in their kitchens several years from now including durability, technology, comfort, and more.

Hiring Kitchen Remodel Companies to get the Top Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen remodel companies can help with anything from build to finish. In this case, there are a few kitchen trends that homeowners will want to keep in mind when deciding how they want their homes to look in 2021. The popularity of quartz countertops has skyrocketed as people realize that these products offer a much longer life than traditional granite. Quartz is especially beneficial because it does not scratch easily which means it will last much longer under harsh conditions.

Additionally, it requires little maintenance which means homeowners do not have to worry about replacing it for years after installation. It’s also important to note the importance of an appliance garage: instead of storing appliances in a cabinet, many homeowners prefer to keep them behind a garage door that is either designed with a modern touch or is hidden to maintain the kitchen’s sense of flow.

Why Comfort Matters a Lot

Kitchens have always been known as the “heart of the home” which means that they should be comfortable and safe enough for anyone living there.  This becomes an important factor when considering how best to design kitchens within homes that can accommodate all members of the family. One way to achieve this is by using ergonomic counters and cabinets. These shapes not only ensure proper safety but also allow for increased comfort while cooking or entertaining guests. Another important aspect of this particular trend is the use of LED lighting which helps create a modern, sleek feel for kitchens. This type of lighting is especially beneficial because it can illuminate an entire room using several different fixtures without taking up too much space. Overall, kitchen design trends are becoming more about creating meaningful designs that do not just look beautiful but also serve their purposes well.

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