A buying guide on succulent plants

Succulents are the beautiful looking and the unique plants that will make your garden or house look perfectly aesthetic and decorative. They are small, drought smart plants that are super easy to grow and make fantastic house plants for decorations. They need a very small amount of water to grow and can even tolerate the driest conditions that may be present in many homes.

A buying guide on succulent plants

Succulents are so popular and good-looking plants that you will see them everywhere like in magazines, books, and all of our social media. Succulents can come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures. Therefore, It is very likely for you to get confused while buying a succulent about which will be best for your house. Hence in the following article, we have come to present you with a buying guide to buy succulents online for the house. So, the following are some of the factors that you can consider before you buy the plants.

1. Screening

While purchasing and choosing the best succulent plants for your house. You need to see that you must choose the succulents that have very little to no damage. There can be signs of rot or drainage holes that you will need to avoid while purchasing good-quality succulents. You need to avoid buying succulents with the following conditions-

  • Leave that easily fall off
  • Leaves becoming yellow
  • Signs of overwatering
  • Black stems
  • Transparent leaves

These above-given are some of the conditions that can be the signs of rotted or damaged succulents.

2. Roots of the succulents

Since most of the succulent plants grow from the succulent cuttings taking them as their roots. You need to check that the specimen you are planning to buy also has been started in the same manner.  You can also check for the loose soil in the pot, that is you can turn the pot upside down and pull the plant out to see the root system. If you end up with a handful of dirt then, you might need to replace the plant with another one with a stronger root.

3. Containers of succulents

Succulents are basically small plants that are grown with a shallow root system. Hence most of the time these succulent plants come in small pots.  These pots or containers can be a great look for your garden as a decoration or any aesthetic decor.  it is always advisable to buy succulents that come in small pots or containers looking best for your house decor.

A buying guide on succulent plants - plants

4. Size of the succulent

Succulents come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The prices of these containers or sizes match the succulent size.  however larger and bigger succulent plants are more established and to look out for. The larger plants do not dry out very quickly. The size of the succulent will also depend on the space that you have to display or decor them. If you are planning to create a succulent garden for smaller plants.

5. Best time to buy succulents

Succulents are the plants that love the heat but they can grow very slowly in the summer months. Watering can also become very tricky during the summer months. Winters can also be very problematic due to the freezing temperatures that can damage or kill the succulents. It is advisable to shop for succulents during the warmer but not the hottest month to keep them healthy.


Propagating succulents is a very nice hobby for anyone. You can ideally pet and grow succulents as they will enhance your indoors with its beauty and elegance. They also do not need much care as you need to water them in only correct timings and schedule. It also has many fire retardant properties that can help you if you are living in a wildlife prone area. These succulents will help you to create very beautiful and decorative corners in your house.

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