Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022

Numerous hours a day are spent in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder that people feel it is their safe haven. But seeing the same space over and over for months and months can make it monotonous and boring, and 2022 is surely the year for fixing what is done and moving forward in ALL aspects. Whether you’d just like to change it up with a fresh splash of paint, or you want to go all out with renovations, this year is certainly the year to make up for lost time.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022

Here are our top tips for kitchen renovation trends to consider in 2022.

1) Ditch the white

Light and bright minimalistic kitchens have graced the Youtube streets for the past few years, and for those of us with kids, we’re happy to see them go. Dark colours and even black were previously seen as merely accent colours, but more moody spaces with personality are becoming more popular. LVT flooring is ideal for installing in kitchens and comes in a vast range of deep wood and stone effects, rich colours and shades Walnut and mahogany cabinets are a warm dark shade that ooze warmth and luxe into a space. As we’ve seen with colour blocking fashion trends re-emerging this summer, don’t shy away from colour in the kitchen. Brightly coloured backsplashes are a great place to start, with glazed tiles being a particular favourite.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - ditch the white

2) Go natural

More and more people are switching over to natural materials, such as marble, granite, wicker and unpainted raw wood. Choose sustainability over mass produced, such as sourcing hand-woven rattan lamp shades. Recycled plastics and vegan leather are great ways to add statement pieces. Natural items have health benefits too, such as minimising the number of chemically treated items in your home. Why not opt to replace your electric stove with a gas stove while you’re at it? Focus on texture, rawness and authenticity when choosing cabinets, countertops and flooring. Wooden flooring is a huge hit, with the herringbone style taking the cake.

If you have wooden structural beams, scrape off the paint to expose the naked wood. And if you don’t, there’s no harm in adding some fake ones to add dimension and character. Many paint brands have chosen green as 2022’s colour of the year, so what more reason is there to go green? Indoor plants are the perfect way to bring a pop of colour into a space and make it look more homey.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - go natural

3) Mix it up

Using mixed materials is a huge trend this season. While the eye likes symmetry, uniformity can become boring and mundane very quickly. Contrast is king, and you really want to choose pieces that complement each other. Metal finishing is a great start, and faucets can be installed by a plumber in colours from rose gold to matte black. Stained glass cupboard doors with different patterns and textures can be a beautiful feature, or you can go for wire mesh to add an additional layer of texture.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - mix it up

4) Go Greek

Go for Grecian-style cut outs, with nooks and crannies enveloped in the plaster. Choose rounded furniture and archways to create a softer, more sweeping style. ​​Curves and more organic shapes promote comfort, whimsy, and natural elements. You can do this easily by implementing scalloped backsplashes and seating with curved backs.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - go Greek

5) Be smart

Smart appliances do everything you need and more. And, the sleek aesthetics blend right in rather than take over by being obnoxious. Be smart with space, too. Instead of keeping appliances like the kettle and toaster on the counter cluttering the space, pop them in a cupboard. But even more innovative, is the appliances that are quite literally built into the cupboard. This way, you can choose what height you’d prefer them, so you don’t have to be on your hands and knees digging through the freezer.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - be smart

6) Think about your sink

Sinks are getting more masculine makeovers, and size does matter in this case. Rather than being for functionality only, sinks are becoming focal points and statement pieces, from striking farmhouse style to industrial size double sinks. An increasingly popular request plumbers are receiving is the workstation sink, or prep station sink. Focus on functionality with sliding pieces and inserts such as colanders, cutting boards, drying racks, shelves and more so that everything can be prepped once, right at the sink.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - think about your sink

7) Built-in booths

1950s diner-style booths are a born again trend as spending quality time with family has become more important to people in recent times. The L- or U-shaped booths create more intimacy than barstools positioned shoulder to shoulder at the kitchen counter. Booths would traditionally be placed in a corner, but new trends point towards utilising space and positioning them adjacent to the kitchen bench, as pictured above.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2022 - built in boots

8) Along the lines

From tiling to paneling, choose vertical patterns to ain in elongation. When it comes to cabinets and shelving, go for different layers and depths to create a 3D effect. Switch up the vertical lines by incorporating old and new trends, like floating shelves, closed cabinets and glass cabinet doors. While thick marble slabs are certainly in, so are thinner and more minimal countertops. Another huge trend is handle-free cabinets. Losing the knob is another way to elongate the door as the space isn’t broken up.

Key Takeaways

2022 brings with it a sense of shedding the old and boldly emerging into the new. Many previous trends have been left behind. But, if you’re not quite ready to let go, look to tip 3, where people are going for the mixed and matched look and incorporating the old with the new.

Our top tips to 2022-ifying your kitchen are:

  • Choose pops of colour and even go for darker, richer shades in your kitchen.
  • Go natural with materials and appliances, and incorporate plants.
  • Mix and match textures, furniture and anything else contrasting but complementary.
  • Choose rounded edges and arching shapes.
  • Upgrade to smart appliances.
  • Install a bigger skin that’s more functional.
  • Encourage more family meals together around booth-style seating.
  • Use layering to create dimension.

About the Author:

This article is provide by Andrew Skipper. Andrew is the owner of Canberra Plumbing, a local family-owned business that has been supplying the Canberra, Jerrabomberra, and Queanbeyan areas for over 15 years. Their entire team of staff is qualified and accredited, so you know that they’ve done the job correctly and in a timely manner.

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